Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Okay, today I am ready. It's time. We're going to have to sell all our shit, move to a one-room cabin in the woods, and just have one place setting and set of clothes for each of us, and one toy each for the kids. Because I cannot keep up with this place. It's ridiculous and insane that we have so much when others have so little. It's shameful that I am getting fat when there are people who have no food to eat. It's wasteful that we have things we don't even use. It's maddening that I can't find the floor in the living room. It's beyond pointless that the kids have so many toys they don't even realize that there are four or five boxes more in the closet that haven't been unpacked yet.

I feel like this frequently and often would gladly at least give it a try. We need to get rid of stuff. But Slipshod could never live without his mondo TVs and latest tech. And let's face it, I really enjoy that stuff too. There must be a way to find balance. Could someone please enlighten me as to what that is?

It is definitely time for me to sign back up for Flylady (had to turn off the e-mails because of the move) and really follow the baby steps this time.

**Nighttime addition: Okay, so during the mere 15 minutes that the girls' naps overlapped today, and a little longer than that because The Bug was happy in her crib for a while after she woke up, I managed to fold all of the clean laundry that's been sitting around in baskets (4 or 5 loads - I lost track) and find 3/4 of the living room floor. Later I got most of the garbage and some of the recycling out (tomorrow morning is pick-up day for those) and washed the dishes. There is still some work to do and I have to get up at 6am so I should really turn off this machine - but had to say that I did at least get a few things taken care of and the place looks and feels a bit better. But we seriously need to get rid of stuff.**


dana said...

Let's find some sugar daddies and go on a long vacation. I think we both deserve them!

Stahl family said...

I hear ya, Sister! Flylady, here I come!....well...maybe next month. I have a bucket of bonbons to finish and that pile of laundry ain't gonna do itself...oh heck! Who am I kidding...I'm not doing it either! :)

The Pizzitola Family said...

Hang in there...it'll get better!

Christina said...

I hear ya! Our house is a disaster, and we clearly have more junk than we know what to do with. We don't really need it all, but we somehow convince ourselves that we do.

I've threatened to eBay half of the stuff in our house, and someday I may make good on that threat.