Monday, November 06, 2006

Blogging On the Run

On the run past the computer, I mean - I'm not actually going anywhere out of the house - that would be radical!

So here's the idea: I need to take stock of what I want in my life, what I have that can help me accomplish that, and what else I need to do to achieve my goals. That was the idea for the plan I was talking about earlier. I blog in my head all the time and have all sorts of things to say, but they almost never make it here because when I have any time free, I am trying to unpack boxes before the kids wake up, or wash dishes before I fall into bed completely exhausted. You get the idea.

I have determined that I need to start taking better care of myself by insinuating new things into my routine. To that end I have started my first "taking care of me while still doing everything else" task, and have managed to keep it up for a couple weeks to the point where it is actually becoming part of my routine without me thinking about it.

My feet had gotten extremely dry and gross during the move. I only knew the whereabouts of one pair of shoes the whole time, and those were some of my open Birkenstocks. If I wasn't outside I was barefoot in the house. So my feet got REALLY dry and crackly and scaly, etc. It was really disgusting. I wanted to soak them and do a pedicure and then start keeping them up on a more regular basis but kept thinking that I needed to find time after the girls were in bed to get started.

Then one day it occurred to me that almost every morning while I'm taking my shower, I am standing in water, thereby soaking my feet, because Sweet Pea is almost always in the tub with me, sitting and playing in the water in the tub. So one day I remembered to take my foot care files into the shower with me, and now my feet are in great condition because I keep those files in there and when the foot skin needs a little rub, I do that before I get out of the tub. I also put lotion (currently using Kerasal to heal the cracks) on my feet and wear socks all day, and often lace-up shoes as well. That keeps my feet much more moist and happy.

Just making this little improvement has helped me feel like the rest of my goals can be obtained. Hooray! Nothing like making a start.

I've been writing this while Sweet Pea makes toys for the cat and comes and shows me, so I'm not going to get into the whole "taking stock" thing right now - but hope to do that soon at night when I have my brain to myself. Wish me luck!

Oh - and here's the kid update: Sweet Pea has not had any potty accidents since two weeks after she started doing great and wearing big girl panties every day. The Bug has rolled once from her tummy to her back but prefers to roll the other way, and then gets stuck. But what she really wants to do is sit up. She doesn't like to lie down to play that way much anymore. The world is so much more interesting from a sitting perspective.

Check out the pictures Slipshod posted below. And come on - you can't resist that couch, can you? I love it. Tee hee! We're going to add another chair section to the right side - it's just too small with only the corner and two side chairs. And we may get an ottoman that matches as well. But this is in our family room, which is the play room, and which has precious little wall space to decorate because nearly the entire back of the house is covered in glass! Sliding glass doors and lots of windows. Love it! So that couch is my big, big splash of color. We're going to get a rug for the floor as well (the floor is Pergo and I'd rather have a softer floor in the play room) but trust me, that will be a non-bright solid color. I'm not totally crazy! >snicker<

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