Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving - More Pictures

My parents were also bunnysitting my sister's bunny, and Sweet Pea loves to hop around with him when it's time for his nightly exercise. He is quite fond of her as well. Saturday I wanted tomatoes on my sandwich so Sweet Pea wanted to go pick some in the garden. Slipshod or my dad or I could have gone out with her, but she would not have any of us. She only wanted Grandma.
When we got home Sweet Pea decided that she needed to color on some packing paper. She loves doing that, which is great and lots of fun, but these can't be drawings that we're going to keep - they're way too big!

Aren't the overalls cute! ha ha!
The Bug is getting better at sitting up every day. She loves to sit and scream and flap her arms all around. And of course chew on toys.
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Great pictures!