Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here We Go Again

Dammit, I think we're headed down the no-sleep-for-Mommy-for-two-years road with the teething again. The Bug has actually been chewing on anything and everything for a couple months, but this past week she has also started to wake up at night. GAH!

Sweet Pea had a horrible time teething until a couple months after her 2nd birthday. It was an extremely rough time for me. I cannot imagine being able to live through the same thing while having TWO kids to take care of.

What happens is that I get the girls to bed, The Bug wakes up once or twice for an hour or more (sometimes two or three) and nurses, part of the time she's just awake in her co-sleeper, sometimes I change her diaper if I think that might help... meanwhile Slipshod and Sweet Pea are soundly sleeping next to me, missing the whole thing. In the morning Sweet Pea wakes totally refreshed after an uninterrupted 10-11 hours of sleep and encourages me, who has had MAYBE four hours of sleep in two-hour increments, to get up.

Yes, part of the problem for me is definitely that Slipshod and I stay up way too late and I miss out on two to three hours of sleep at the beginning of the night that I don't necessarily need to miss. But ugh, I was really hoping this baby wouldn't have as much trouble with the teething as her sister did.

Speaking of all that - we still don't have any teeth actually popping out, but boy are her gums bulging on the bottom. Yowza!

Once upon a time, when, I can't remember, I heard a theory that ability to deal with pain directly relates to skin tone and hair color, and that people who have the most difficult time have very light skin and red hair. And guess what my kids look like. However, I've also heard that that theory is a big load of bunk. It can't be that cut and dried, but I do wonder if there's some truth to it.

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