Monday, April 03, 2006

We're So Juvenile

So on Sunday the three of us were lounging in the living room together, in various states of sickness and exhaustion, watching TV. We have finally managed to help Sweet Pea discover a show other than "Clifford the Big Red Dog": She now also enjoys watching "Bob the Builder". In this particular episode, Bob, Wendy, and the gang are at the beach. Bob needs more driftwood for the fire he's making and sends Lofty (by far the most annoying character in the show) off to get some big pieces. Lofty finds a nice big piece but a crab hops up on it and snaps its claws. Lofty, being all jittery and nervous all the time, starts making pathetic noises and tries to talk the crab off the driftwood.

Lofty: "Er, excuse me, Mr. Crab, but I really need to take this piece of driftwood back to Bob for the fire..."

(the crab continues to threaten a huge machine that could easily squash it)

Lofty: "Uh, er, you're on Bob's wood, Mr. Crab!"

At this point, Slipshod and I eye each other behind Sweet Pea's head. Slipshod starts shaking with laughter, but I can't keep quiet and burst out laughing.

Slipshod: "So, Bob has crabs on his wood?"

Slipshod also thinks that Sweet Pea's "Rainbow Fish" bath book is Communist propaganda, and has made similarly disapproving and/or inappropriate remarks about other books we read to her. Makes parenting all the more fun. But a little bit sick. :o)


daniela said...

i could picture you both laughing behind her head! thanks for giving me a laugh this morning..

Queen of Spain said...

In Runaway Bunny Aaron ALWAYS reads the "I'd BLOW YOU" part really loud.

Violet the Verbose said...

HA HA HA HA! I KNOW you guys have your own stories like this - probably lots more too! That is hilarious.

The Pizzitola Family said...

Too funny...I'll have to keep my open for that one. Rebecca too loves Bob The Builder-Lofty is pretty annoying! I hate it when they say ..."Can we do it?" and he/she says..."uh uh I think so?" Errrr. Ticks me off everytime I hear it! Here we try to teach our kids confidence...what to do.