Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Day, Another Rain

Seriously, is the rain ever going to stop this year? I've been told not to gripe, though, since other parts of the country are experiencing freak drought conditions. Wish I could send a little of this precipitation their way.

This morning, after another night of crappy/interrupted (mostly by my bladder, but my hips as well) sleep, I got up at the butt crack of dawn and took a shower before Slipshod got up to get ready for work. He got to crawl into bed with Sweet Pea and snuggle before she woke up, which was nice. Had she awakened, she would have started crying. She's been pushing poor Daddy away lately. So he loved getting a chance to hang out with her, even if she was asleep, although he was cold because he couldn't keep warm under the one sheet and blanket that are too hot for me nowadays!

Anyway, I got up, got ready, and then when he got into the shower I got back in bed all clean and dressed, and Sweet Pea was still sleeping! I even had time before she woke up to run frantically outside into the rain with Slipshod's cell phone and wave it at him before he drove away - which brought him back inside to take his Prilosec as well. The man has the memory of a lemming, I tell you. I mean that lovingly.

Sweet Pea woke up about when I was getting ready to wake her up, and we got up and had breakfast. Then it was a race to get her teeth brushed and get her dressed and out the door and to the DENTIST for her first check-up!

Which didn't happen.

She has been talking about the dentist in a good way since she watched Slipshod's teeth cleaning last month and the dentist spent so much time explaining everything to her. We've been reading her book about "Going to the Dentist." She was okay with everything this morning - right up until the dentist opened the door and announced that he was ready for her.

I couldn't get her to release her grip from the armrests of the waiting room chairs. The dentist came out and said gentle, friendly things to her. It didn't help. I eventually pried her hands off the chairs and took her into the office. She cried and whined. I sat in the dentist's chair with her on my lap. She kept whining. The dentist asked, "are you scared? Tell me what you're scared about, and I can help you." Sweet Pea said, "I'm not scared - I want to go back to the waiting room." We talked to her about letting him count her teeth and clean them. She wanted to go back to the waiting room. The dentist said something at some point about her wanting to go home, and thereafter it wasn't the waiting room she wanted, it was to go home. So we decided to wait until Slipshod's & my next appointment in September. We'll take her then, she'll watch one of us get our teeth cleaned, and then hopefully she'll be willing to sit in the chair and let the dentist count and clean her teeth.

Here's hoping that time will make the difference!

Honestly my feeling had been from the beginning that Sweet Pea was not ready for this, but lately she had been so positive about it that I had decided that maybe she would surprise me.

Oh well!

Today has been so very yucky, and I am so very tired, that I napped with Sweet Pea again today, and since we got up in the wet, grey, depressing afternoon, we've been watching "Monsters, Inc." and eating bunny noodles (Annie's brand Cheese & Macaroni) and baby carrots. But I have also managed to keep up with the dishes and laundry, which is nice...


Oh - and the baby, not to be forgotten, seems firmly lodged on my bladder. Last night at our prenatal appointment our midwife couldn't find her head (the baby's, that is, LOL!) and said that she must be hiding it somewhere. I know where it's hiding. Where my bladder should be! We really did decide that she's head down, though, because of where I feel her hiccups four times per day. The midwife is having me start taking alfalfa capsules to make sure I've got a good bunch of vitamin K in my system before giving birth. Helps clot the blood and all that. Less bleeding after birth. Good idea if you ask me.

Oh yeah - and Sweet Pea has informed me that when the baby is born, she will be covered in fur like the kitties. Apparently thereby making her suggestion of the name "Kitty Cat" appropriate for her little sister.


Queen of Spain said...

Kitty Cat seems totally normal to me!

Jay said...

Poor bladder!

At least you didn't force the dentist on her, creating oodles of bad memories. This way she can come to terms with him, and you have a better chance next time.