Monday, April 17, 2006

Fresh Outlook

I needed a color change. No matter what the sky might be saying, it's Spring, dammit! So here it is, I've chosen a new template. And lost all my links. And I still need to put white backgrounds on the Lilypie tickers so you can actually read them. BTW, if you're one of those people who thinks those are really annoying, just know that they are there more for me than for you. I need to be reminded of how close we are getting to Sweet Pea's next birthday (going to have to order party supplies soon to have that all together before baby's born), and freak myself out daily about how soon I'll be going into labor.

Now go read the next post - that's the one I meant to have on top today. I'll deal with the Lilypie and links details later. Been away from the kid for too long. Not sure what she's been cutting with the scissors or what she's currently drawing on with pens.

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