Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Review

...And how was your Easter? Or Passover, or Bunny Day, or *weekend,* as the case may be? Ours was nice. This year we got to spend it with family instead of at the ER with a frighteningly dehydrated sick toddler. SO much better this year.

This morning Sweet Pea had her first Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's - inside the house, because, as has been happening nonstop of late, it was pouring down rain outside. Last night she had a GREAT time dying two dozen eggs with her Auntie, but we decided we'd better not let the Easter Bunny hide those inside for fear of dying the furniture. So instead, while Sweet Pea was very briefly in the bathroom with me getting dressed, having her hair combed (a rarity but she was distracted by a basket of seashells that needed to be sorted through, hooray) and having a diaper change, the Easter Bunny & Crew quickly hid a whole bunch of brightly colored plastic eggs around the living room. They were stuffed with stickers, window clings, and parmesan Goldfish crackers. No candy. The Easter Bunny checked with me last week. I love the Easter Bunny.

We got some super-cute video of Sweet Pea getting more and more excited as the egg hunt went on, as she got the hang of it and started looking a little more carefully and finding eggs with little to no help. Her Easter basket was/is an adorable multi-pocketed canvas ladybug bag. Once she had found all the eggs (we think), she sat down and we opened up a lot of them and she was absolutely thrilled with the jelly-like window clings and only wanted those. She stuck the clings and a zillion butterfly stickers on my belly. The butterfly stickers are still there... Ha ha!

Then Sweet Pea got ahold of my digital camera. Here are some of my favorites out of the zillion shots she took. A lot of her shots were taken about an inch or two away from her subject, producing lots of pretty, bright, abstract photos, but I can only show 5 photos per post, and you don't want to see them all anyway...


Christina said...

LOL - the cat's tail pic is great! "Talk to the tail!"

And that picture of you with the stickers on your belly is way cute.

Queen of Spain said...

I love the stickers on the belly. Classic.