Thursday, April 27, 2006

Links to the "Mommy Wars."

The Queen of Spain brought it up the other day: The Mommy Wars.

I've been really into Christina's Mommy Wars posts lately - check out this one from Tuesday and then the next from Wednesday.

My own rant below (which, again, I meant to have on the top today) has been building for some time and although it doesn't sound like it on the surface, I think it plays into what Christina is ranting about. We need paid family leave for working moms and dads when a new baby is born. When our little one comes in June, Slipshod will be taking his two weeks of vacation time and then going back to work, so that he doesn't have to take any unpaid time off. Why isn't there any paid paternal leave? He should be able to use that instead of vacation time.

Now, read my rant below if you haven't already. I got my blood pressure all worked up thinking about this stuff last night, and again today. Grrrr.


Christina said...

Thanks for the links! Of course, as soon as you link to me and my deep thoughts, I go off and write a throw away post about my fear of flying! Go figure. :)

Violet the Verbose said...

Ha ha ha! Oh well... it's all a mix. Sometimes we're profound, and sometimes we're really not. hee hee.

Queen of Spain said...

Seriously. Mine took one week for each kid for fear we'd end up living out of a box. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.

Christina said...

Aaron took 4 days off work when Cordy was born, because that's all we could afford. Totally not fair.