Thursday, December 27, 2007

Short Christmas Summary

I think this pretty much sums it up.

Sweet Pea was an absolute angel on Christmas morning. She woke up before anyone else - well, except that if anyone else is awake, I'm awake, but she didn't know that I was awake while she sat up in bed being quietly excited. She tried to entertain herself quietly because the rest of us, as far as she could tell, were sleeping, but after a while and not being able to find a drink (we usually have drinks and snacks waiting for the girls in the bedroom in the morning so I can get my shower as soon as I wake up), she came back up on the bed and demanded to know where her drink was. The Bug had been partially awake and Sweet Pea talking sealed the deal. She sat up too, asking for apple juice. I poked Slipshod and said, "we have to get up now." He went downstairs and stationed himself with the video camera so he could tape Sweet Pea coming down the stairs and seeing the presents under the tree. She was SO excited! We had a fun time going through our stockings and opening presents, but unfortunately Santa didn't get Sweet Pea one thing that she just KNEW was going to be there. Santa had decided not to get it (it was a circular puzzle and all the pieces were different colors) for her because the company who made it classified it as a toy for the 2-3 age range. However, she didn't let the disappointment get the best of her, and played with the new toys and books that she did get.

The Bug just does not care about the act of opening presents but she does want to see what's inside, so I opened her presents for her, while she sat on my lap. She was very excited about the wooden choo choo and they both liked the race cars in their stockings... ha ha!

We didn't rush ourselves to get out of the house; we just had a nice relaxed day and Slipshod made breakfast and we played with toys and ate again later and watched (well, more like listened to) Mary Poppins and eventually took our showers... we didn't get to my sister's until dinnertime! I had figured we'd get there earlier but we didn't... but it worked out okay.

Unfortunately The Bug caught Sweet Pea's cold and Christmas Day was her very worst day of it. She had a fever that kept rising, and her breathing sounded pretty difficult. She kept a smile on her face throughout the day and evening, but could not wait to come home and get into bed after dinner and opening presents at her auntie's house.

After dropping me and the girls at home on Christmas night, Slipshod continued on to the airport, where he picked up one of my teenage nieces, who has been staying with us (until tonight). Yesterday my CA family came over to see my niece. Today the rest of the family is gone and we and my niece are just hanging out, doing laundry (yippee!), playing games on the XBox and the Wii, and essentially relaxing. Yay!

The girls are loving having their cousin here. Sweet Pea wants a big sister so she tends to call her teenage cousins her big sisters. ha ha!

Anyway, that's about it. There has, of course, been some family politics involved in all of this, but that's par for the course with any family, right? And we all did manage to have a good time, even if not everyone did what other people wanted or expected.

I'd write more but I feel like this is boring already and it's because I'm keeping an ear open for the girls, etc. So I'll write again and hopefully post more pictures when I have more time.

I hope you all had a great holiday! What have you got going on for New Year's? We've been invited to at least three parties. If we're going to one, it'll be the one in town.
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Christina said...

Sounds like a good Christmas!

We have no plans for New Year's, because the girls go to bed so early and finding a babysitter is impossible on New Year's. We'll probably stay home.

The Pizzitola Family said...

Glad you all had a great Christmas. Those teeth make it in yet?