Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Tough Growing Up

The kids are still feeling yucky. While Sweet Pea has had a really bad time with excessive snot for the past week+, I think The Bug has had the worst of it. She never got nearly as snotty as her sister and she never got the rattle-cough either, BUT - first she had the cold, and while that was going on she had really bad constipation for a few days. I have no idea why and was starting to get worried but reminded myself that even though she was experiencing a lot of pain with pooping, she was still pooping. Sometimes 4 or 5 times per day. So it wasn't like she had a blocked system or anything. But the pain of it was horrible for her, and I felt so bad. I couldn't get her to drink any prune juice, but I did feed her plenty of fruit and some dried apricots. I think the biggest problem was that she wasn't drinking enough from a cup. She nursed all night long some nights, but apparently that's not enough.

But I digress. So The Bug had the cold. And constipation. Then she got the horrible ear infection, for which we had to start giving her antibiotics. So now as you would probably expect, the constipation turned VERY quickly to diarrhea because of the medication. So her bum is in a ton of pain STILL, only this time the pain is spread over a much broader area and lasts longer. And she's still got 7 more days (that's 14 doses) before she's finished with the antibiotics.

As if that weren't enough, she's never stopped cutting teeth since she started, and right now she's working on at least one of the three eye teeth that still remain inside the gums. Yesterday she was still poking at her ear and acting miserable about that. Today I didn't see her poking her ear, but she had her hands, and the remote control, and whatever else she could find, in her mouth, and she was chomping like there was no tomorrow.

Poor kid.

I've been giving the girls yogurt at every meal but obviously that's not keeping things in check in The Bug's digestive system. I wish she was old enough to take acidophilus pills. Tomorrow I think we'll start off our day with Cream of Rice cereal and have some mashed potatoes with our lunch (though I don't think The Bug will eat them). Sweet Pea ate a bunch of banana chips with dinner tonight, which could also help, and I'm hoping that she just won't have as much of a problem with the antibiotics as The Bug is. Thankfully she only has to take a 7-day dose total, but she has to take so much that we could have the same problem as The Bug. WHEW that Sweet Pea knows how to use the potty! But I'm still concerned about her having an accident at school. She can probably handle it, though.

Stay tuned...

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