Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Latest

As far as I can tell, Slipshod alone of all of us is feeling fine.

The Bug's doctor appointment this week showed that her ears and throat are fine - she is (I should say *was*) not sick. That is wonderful news, but the sleep is still poor and she is still extra clingy. The doctor asked about her teething and blamed it on that, which I realized I would have thought of first any other time of the year. I wanted to get her ears checked because of the two recent colds and the really bad ear infection the last one caused.

Sweet Pea started coughing a few days ago. She started sounding worse and worse and yesterday reached an all-time horrible crecendo. She coughed so hard all day long that her chest hurts, and it looks like today will be more of the same. Yesterday she had a fever by breakfast time and didn't want to eat all day until dinnertime. She even took a 45-minute nap which she *asked for,* which is very unusual for her. She still has a low grade fever but is feeling better in terms of that - no more listlessness today, though she is definitely suffering some energy loss from all the coughing. But she slept well last night after we gave her a nasal decongestant and some 12-hour cough medicine.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday for my sore ear and throat. Horrible experience at the new doctor's office - had to wait over an hour to see the doctor for three minutes. Everyone there called me by the wrong name (left off the last 3 letters of my first name) despite the fact that I filled out the paperwork with my full name. Then the doctor all but patted me on the head for having actual thoughts. He also seemed to think it was really weird that I'm still breastfeeding The Bug at 18 months. The strep test came out negative but there is something white on the back of my throat on the side where it hurts, so he prescribed an antibiotic.

Last night at bedtime The Bug's nose started sounding stuffy. She's sneezing a lot and her nose is running a lot today, so she's obviously got Sweet Pea's cold. I hope we're all a lot better by Christmas...

And I hope that you are all faring better than we are!

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dlub said...

That stinks that your own doctor thinks its weird that your still breastfeeding. GRR. I have a friend who nursed her son for 2 years, and had some other physical ailments --- her physicians weren't very supportive, and one even told her to stop. How sad that the medical establishment is so naive about the benefits to both mom and baby.

I hope you all feel better soon!