Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Fun Continues

Sweet Pea's temp today reached 101.3 and she was feelin' pretty crappy. Still lots of ribcage-rattling coughing going on. We're still hoping we're all going to be able to go to the Christmas shindig with Slipshod's family tomorrow (Sunday)...

The Bug's nose is running, and one of her eyes, but otherwise she's as chipper and silly as usual.

This is what our kids' bodies do when they get colds: Sweet Pea gets fevers that must be controlled with a somewhat regular regimen of Motrin and Tylenol to keep them from getting out of hand, and The Bug gets a supremely leaky face. I really hope that Sweet Pea is feeling tons better tomorrow and The Bug's cold doesn't get worse.

But guess what - a ray of light in all this downpour of illness: THE BUG HAS *FINALLY* CUT ANOTHER EYE TOOTH! I am ready to throw a freakin' party, people. She's still got her whole fist in her mouth most of the time so she can chomp on it, and both of the upper eye teeth still need to cut, but oh my gosh these teeth have been causing her so much pain and taking so much time to come out, I'm ready to throw a party for just one of the remaining three popping through the gums. I really think that one of the uppers might be through tomorrow, because it already REALLY looks like it's out of the gums. But whenever I feel that part of her gum with my finger, I do not feel a tooth. I guess the tooth is pushing so hard on the gums, the gums themselves are white. Poor kid! Yeesh!

Okay, must go finish wrapping that last present, pack the diaper bag, and put it all in the car. And then back to the usual grind of dishes and that laundry that I just cannot seem to get around to folding. I sure hope we can make the house look nice for our company (family) Christmas night.

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Christina said...

You poor thing - maybe this parade of illness will have an end soon. We're sick again, too. It's just a cold, but it has me and the girls coughing and snotty. Ugh.

Yay for a new tooth, though! That has to help a little.