Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hells Bells

Alright, what's the big idea?

You remember the two colds and stomach bug during the past two months, right? Well, last Friday I had a sore ear in the morning. In the afternoon it turned into a lump in my throat that made it painful to yawn or swallow, and at one point seemed to suddenly grow very large or turn or something, and part of the right side of my lips/cheek/jaw actually became numb! It went away quickly but I have still had a painful something down in my throat since then. Yes, I did finally call a doctor today and I have an appointment on Friday of this week.

But that wasn't enough. The Bug has started acting like her right ear is hurting again. We haven't had another cold, and she got the all-clear two weeks ago! But her sleep is suffering worse again and she seems to be protecting the right side of her head if anyone gets near it. AUGH! I'm taking her to the pediatrician this afternoon at 4. After the Holiday Potluck Party at Sweet Pea's school.

That's not enough either. Sweet Pea and Slipshod both woke up with sore throats this morning. Sweet Pea says hers only hurts when she coughs, but she didn't cough before the first time she told me it hurt. AND, she wouldn't eat breakfast this morning, even though I made her favorite (Malt-o-Meal). She seems fine otherwise, but I've got my eye on her.

Oh - and of course, The Bug, who is very tired, won't nap. She just blew her only chance today. We'll be staying at school with Sweet Pea and then I have to take The Bug to the pediatrician. Some days it just doesn't pay to get up. I'm so stressed. AND I need to go now and make the deviled eggs we're taking for the pot luck. They're boiled and cooled, I just have to do the fun part. Maybe smashing the yolks will make me feel better.


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