Thursday, December 27, 2007

2/3 of a Christmas Miracle!

I think I was far too busy before Christmas to post the song I had been singing for a week or so about The Bug:

All I want for Christmas is her three eye teeth,
her three eye teeth,
her three eye teeth.
Gee, if she could only cut her three eye teeth,
then maybe we could get some sleepies!

Well it was a spectacularly badly timed wish because the actual cutting of the teeth makes her wake up very frequently all night long for a few miserable nights. And those were the nights when I most needed to be downstairs, wrapping presents, working on the cards (which I still haven't mailed... argh!) and cooking.

HOWEVER - we got 2/3 of my wish. The Bug cut her second lower eye tooth (my mom says the lower ones aren't called eye teeth, just the upper ones - but you know what I mean, right?) and one of the upper ones by/on Christmas. YAY! The cold she's got right now combined with the imminent (I hope) cutting of the last eye tooth are causing her sleep to continue to be utter crap, but man, I am so excited that we're this close. I am fully banking on getting more sleep between the cutting of that tooth and the 2-year molars starting to cause problems.

Oh crap, I hear noise from upstairs. May have to go quiet her again. Poor thing. I really think there's a good reason (or maybe more than one) that we don't remember being as little as The Bug is!

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