Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update on our Crazy Life

Okay, I'll try to do this quickly.

Friday evening - the rest of our belongings arrive - delivered after 10 months of container storage. We finally got off our booties and told them to deliver it.

Friday night - Slipshod rearranged the crap already in the garage to make room for the rest of our stuff.

Saturday morning out front - Slipshod worked his tookus off getting stuff out of the POD. Yes, he has horrible nerve damage in both arms and shouldn't be lifting stuff. But what else are ya gonna do? When you move, you have to lift stuff. Ugh.

Saturday morning in the kitchen - I thought it was weird that Clark, the cat who stayed out all night, wasn't waiting by the sliding glass door doing the breakfast dance. He did eventually show up, and when I let him in I could tell immediately that he was in bad shape. He was shaking and could barely walk. It looked like his back legs were very hurt, although I could not see any damage. He skipped the food and water and slunk upstairs to curl up in a miserable ball by the litter box. He did not purr when we pet him. Bad news.

Saturday after breakfast - I got The Bug to sleep for her nap and went out to work in the POD. I sent Slipshod to the vet with the cat. I got a lot done despite having to entertain Sweet Pea quite a lot at the beginning. She could be amused with her old things out of the POD, but wanted me to help her clean them or set them up or put this in that, etc. Eventually, however, had the right mix of toys (and a running hose) to keep her happy in the front yard indefinitely. It's so nice that she's old enough now to be able to hang out and do her own thing some of the time without needing me right there to do everything for or with her. We talked while I worked but we each had our own thing to do.

Slipshod returned with the cat. Clark had had a temperature of 105.5 when they got to the vet's office. She couldn't find any damage on him but did x-rays to make sure there were no broken bones. In the x-ray she saw lots of little air pockets all over his back legs, which she thinks were bites from another cat. Apparently cats have nasty stuff in their saliva which can cause infection very quickly, so it is her educated opinion that Clark got his butt soundly whupped by another cat. Clark is on antibiotics and pain killers. He is doing MUCH better now and is trying to get out the door. As you might imagine, we are under strict orders to keep him inside until he finishes healing and recovering, so the attempted escapes are getting tiresome (for me).

Saturday afternoon - I had brought some of the girls' things inside from the POD, thinking they would have a lot of fun seeing toys they hadn't seen for nearly a year - especially The Bug, since she wasn't mobile and didn't even have control of her hands and arms before we moved. That means these toys are brand new to her. Well, two of the things I brought in were little plastic porch chairs that Sweet Pea used to love to sit in and play on in the back yard at our old house. She was delighted to see them and set them up right next to each other and insisted that she and The Bug should sit there together and have a snack of Cheerios, which they did.

The Bug was as thrilled with the chairs as her big sister, but she kept standing up on them. I have been working with her on this for a while now since the girls also have kid-sized play chairs in their room upstairs and she has been standing on those as well. She knows what "sit" means, so I've been telling her to sit on her bum whenever she stands up on a chair. We went through that many times on Saturday but unfortunately I didn't take the chairs away like I should have. At one point I went to the kitchen, all 10 or so feet away, to get drinks for the girls, and while I was in there The Bug stood up on one of the kid chairs and took a fall - the whole chair fell over backward, with her standing in it facing backward, so she fell face first. I don't know what she hit with her face, but she hit it HARD. I have never heard her cry so hard, and the size of her cheek was really frightening. It puffed up right away and was bright bright red with blue around it, and right in the middle it was white from hitting so hard. I tried to ice her cheek but she didn't want the cold thing touching her skin so that didn't help a whole lot. It took her a while to recover but she nursed for a while and calmed down. Even though her cheek still looks AWFUL and is still swollen, The Bug appears to be just fine. She was back to herself quite quickly all things considered, and it doesn't appear to hurt when anyone touches her cheek. Thank goodness for that. But the bruise is so awful.

In the afternoon Slipshod also took a van load of cardboard to the recycling center. It is REALLY nice to have that gone. There was a lot of it.

Sunday - we finished unloading the POD before lunch! It is nice to have all our stuff back, even though we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF and need to go through and purge a lot of it. I am finally finding my clothes here and there - I had been living on a very small wardrobe for the past year, made of things that I went out and bought after realizing I didn't have many of my clothes. That mix-up happened mostly because when we moved I was moving from wearing my maternity clothes back to wearing my regular clothes, so the regular clothes weren't in the house yet and thus got packed with the stuff that was on the back porch. I haven't found everything yet, but it's nice to know it's here.

Yesterday and today I have been wondering why I brought so many boxes into the house. Sweet Pea's birthday party is this weekend and what did I do? Filled the house full of moving boxes. Brilliant. Actually I was on a really big adrenaline (or something) rush when we were unpacking the POD and at the time I really thought we could get a butt ton of unpacking done before this weekend. Now I have returned to my senses (helped along by my body, which nearly passed out on Sunday because I was so into getting the job done I waited too long to eat lunch) and today I am going to move the boxes out to the garage and focus on the birthday party. Sometimes I think I'm a little bit crazy. ha ha!

Sweet Pea is very excited about her birthday party and started decorating the house last week with kitty pictures that she colored, and leftover streamers from last year's party.

That is all for now. I've got boxes to move.


Christina said...

Awww...poor kitty...poor Bug...poor you for having to endure it all! Hope everyone feels better soon!

We've lived in our house for three years, and still haven't unpacked everything yet. Someday we'll get around to it.

Dana J. Tuszke said...

Sounds like a busy, busy time!

Like Christina, I've got boxes from when we moved in. Five years ago! Insane!