Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More from the Zoo

I thought these two were particularly cute.

Sweet Pea's first favorite animal - now second only to kitty cats.

We managed to get to the penguin area at feeding time. They were hilarious. The food was late so most of them were swimming impatiently back and forth, back and forth, waiting for the zookeepers to arrive with the bucket o' fish. When they did arrive, one woman hand fed whole fish to each penguin and called out to the other, who had a clip board, how many fish each penguin (who she was able to tell apart due to the numbered tags on their flippers) had eaten. Then the penguins started swimming again, but they seemed less frantic once their tummies were full.

Sweet Pea kept getting herself up on the fences like this to see over the railings, and then every time I would think, "gosh, she's really into this exhibit; she's just standing there looking and looking..." Then I would hear her saying, "Mommy, Mommy, help! I'm stuck!" She kept doing it over and over again, and I somehow managed to forget every single time that she couldn't get down from there by herself. Well, she probably could, but she didn't think she could. ha ha! What a pair we are.

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