Friday, July 27, 2007

The Food is Rotting and I Don't Care

Isn't that a song?

"The food is rotting and I don't care,
the food is rotting and I don't care,
the food is rotting and I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE,
Guess we need a new fridge now."

Yeah, I think I learned that one growing up.

Sigh. Suck.

So, yeah. Remember a couple weeks ago when I said something (at least I think I did - I'm way too tired to look back and check right now) about the fridge getting warm but the freezer still freezing everything solid?

Well, the "blue ice" that we use every night to keep juice cold in the bedroom for the girls so I can just give them juice right when they wake up and get my shower then (if I take them downstairs we inevitably end up playing past shower time and then I have to try to take one during The Bug's nap without waking her up, while Sweet Pea is downstairs alone with the cats or something) did not keep the juice cold last night. This morning at breakfast, the margarine was soft. I mean, really soft. And things just felt warm in the fridge. Yogurt shouldn't feel warm. And the veggies are certainly not appreciating the higher temperature either.

This time, unfortunately, things in the freezer are starting to get soft as well. Dammit. For whatever reason it is called out in our lease that we, not our landlords, are responsible for repairs and replacement of the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. We've already had to buy a new washer. I really don't want to have to buy a new refrigerator.

Last time this happened I pulled the fridge out from the wall and vacuumed the cobwebs up. Unfortunately I can't really get at the coil; it's not like the old fridges where the coil is just right there on the back of the fridge. This fridge has the coil underneath and it's totally different than the coils on the old ones. I can't really get in there to vacuum it out. So I don't know what made the fridge start working again last time, but it did go back to working at full capacity.

The bright spot here is that we finally have the rest of our stuff that was in storage for the past year, and that stuff includes - yes, a refrigerator. When I was making soap regularly I had a hard time making room in our food freezer to freeze the soap before unmolding it, so I asked around amongst our friends to see if anyone had a cheap old fridge to sell. Some friends responded and even delivered their old fridge to me, FREE!

Slipshod managed to plug the old bugger in earlier tonight (even though it is in the middle of the front of the garage, surrounded on back and sides by boxes and a workbench) so now instead of relaxing which I am dying to do, I am trying to talk myself into cleaning out the old fridge and moving the food before it really does all rot.

Guh. Does it ever get easier? Because after two months of cleaning, preparation and party-throwing, which I have started calling Birthdaypalooza 2007, I am utterly exhausted and can barely make it through a day alone with the girls even when I get extra sleep at night. ALL I WANT TO DO IS REST. Plant ass, as they say, on the couch, with some ice cream (side note - I'm not eating ice cream every night anymore, and have switched from full-octane Ben & Jerry's to Skinny Cow), turn on the TV and just freakin' CHILL for once!



Stahl family said...

I feel ya', Sister!

dlub said...

Our fridge had a similar problem. Our coils are underneath, behind the removable kick plate. The vacuum tube doesn't fit there either (you'd think they might design these things it such that it would fit). I tried to find a coil brush, but wound up using a thin stick and a thin wet rag to mop up the dust on those coils.