Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There Were Animals at the Zoo, too...

Slipshod got some great pictures of the Bald Eagle.

Ah, the life of a bear... isn't there a song about that? The newest exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo is the grizzlies exhibit. There are two big female bears in the habitat and they seem very happy to be there, and also very unconcerned about all the people staring and oohing and ahhing at them all day long. In two areas along the high fence the zoo built heavy plastic walls so visitors can just walk right up and see right through. One of those walls is in the swimming area, so you can see underwater when they're paddling about - cool! - and the other is right next to their door to the "backstage" area. There is a pit full of sawdust there, and when we happened by their exhibit, one of the grizzlies was trying to get comfy in the sawdust to take a nap. She never did seem to find just the right position, but she spent a bunch of time moving around and trying to get cozy. She didnt' seem to mind all of us standing a couple feet away, amazed at how close we could be to her!

"J'ai ennui."

(Keep scrolling... more pictures below.)
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