Friday, July 13, 2007

Ugh Again

Dammit, denial doesn't keep you healthy. I've had a sore throat for the better part of a week and I've been trying to blame it on allergies, air conditioning, anything you can think of... but I think I'm probably just plain sick. Sweet Pea had a sore throat the same day I first noticed mine, and asked for the throat spray in the morning. She never said anything about it again after that, though, so I thought she had just awakened with an extra dry throat that day. However, yesterday I asked if her sore throat had been a quick thing or if she had had it for a few days and she said it had not gone away right away. The Bug was acting clingy the day before yesterday and yesterday and today her voice sounds a little funny. So, I guess we've got some kind of cold. I wouldn't even bother to mention it except that my sore throat just won't go away! At least we don't have lots of runny noses.

Slipshod's first week back at work has been okay. Honestly he started to retreat from us about a week before he went back - spent a lot of time in his office upstairs & doing other things, so we were used to just the three of us doing most stuff together almost all day long. We missed him a lot at first and The Bug would go looking for him in the house at least three times per day. She still asks for him but no longer seems to expect him to be upstairs when we're downstairs, etc. We still miss him, but having him go back isn't as horrible as I had worried it might be, because most nights he comes home for dinner and the girls' bedtime routine. The one exception was last night, when he went to a goodbye party after work for a soon-to-be ex-coworker.

Did I mention that my throat hurts? Gar.

Nothing exciting going on around here. I'm planning for Sweet Pea's birthday party - got all the kitty cat plates & decorations, etc. ordered. Still trying to decide what to do for food. We're going to get food from a restaurant, but can't decide which one. Gotta order the helium tank for the balloons, but that won't be a big deal.

Slipshod has done one day of his new plan to work on getting healthier - he walked to the bus station and rode the bus to work, then walked on the other end too. He has taken my car the rest of the week, leaving us with the smaller stroller that doesn't have a basket in the bottom, so when I've taken the girls to the store I've had to take a backpack to carry whatever we're buying. No big shopping trips, then. But Slipshod usually does those anyway.

Baby trying to crawl up on my lap - must go.

Oh - one last thing, though - I gave The Bug her first little hair cut yesterday - trimmed up the hair that's been getting in to her eyes, so she has little bangs now! It looks so cute!

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