Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm feeling happier today. Got more things out of the big bedroom - it's almost clean enough to have the new bed delivered - FINALLY! Wahoo!

I've been having more Braxton Hicks contractions today. They come when I make ANY exertion, and I've even had one or two while I've been sitting and resting.

I've spoken with each of my siblings today - they all called to see how things are going - and my parents called too, though I haven't spoken with them yet (yes, I didn't answer because I'm avoiding my dad; see yesterday's post - but then it turned out to be Mom who was calling - I could have handled talking with her).

Slipshod's family is starting to leave messages and call to check up on me, too. His dad's family is having a get-together on Sunday before his dad & stepmom move to Mexico, and his grandma is insisting that I have no excuse not to be there, even if I'm in labor. Crazy people! ha ha


Queen of Spain said...

All people NOT pregnant are crazy.

That's my theory.

Invite them all over during labor. Then yell your ass off.

Christina said...

LOL - ah sure, go to the gathering, pop the baby out on the way there, and then show her off to everyone. No problem, right? ;)