Monday, May 08, 2006

I Feel Boring

There has been a ton going on around here, but it just hasn't seemed like bloggable stuff. Oh well - here once again goes my scattered laundry list.

Saturday we had some help from Slipshod's sister and brother-in-law and we got a bunch more stuff moved to storage AND Slipshod got some planting done out front. He's got some drip hoses set up, so he was able to plant all the way out front down by the sidewalk (along the driveway). He put in five cute little potato (the decorative kind, not the edible kind) bushes with purple flowers. Then yesterday Sweet Pea helped him do some planting in the back yard in some pots. They planted the strawberry plants they had brought home the previous weekend, and Sweet Pea reported to me that after she and her daddy had put the strawberry plants into bigger pots, the plants had said, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Ha ha ha!

So the yard is perking up and the back porch looks TONS cleaner. Yay! Unfortunately, we didn't get much out of the room we're trying to empty and make back into a big bedroom...

But speaking of that room, and beds - yesterday Sweet Pea got to spend the day here at home with Grandma and Grandpa while Slipshod and I FINALLY went bed shopping! We spent a ton of time trying out different beds at Sleep Train. We tried Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, and other mattresses. It was really quite a restful way to spend an afternoon; I just wish I could have actually taken a nap there! ha ha! We bought a bed (Cal King, upgrading from a very old double sized, so YAY! CAN'T WAIT!!), but since we still don't have a room to put it in, the heat is on to get the rest of our junk out of the "office"... and I have NO idea when or how we're going to get the room ready. I obviously can't do a lot of moving of stuff in my current condition, and Slipshod can't even do as much as I can, due to his radial tendonitis and carpal tunnel (in both arms). Ugh. He's feeling pretty down about being all gimpy right now. It's horrible timing. But, what can ya do? Hopefully we'll still be able to manage to move stuff this week. I'd love to have our new bed delivered next weekend if possible.

OF NOTE on the subject of beds and bedding: If, Queen of Spain and other co-sleeping and/or expecting parents or anyone else wanting to protect your mattress, you have been looking for that "non-crunchy" plastic mattress pad someone was talking about a while back: Here it is. And this price is HALF what they were asking in the bed store. We were really impressed with it at the store. It is terrycloth on the front and some kind of very thin, very soft and malleable plastic on the back. Somehow it is both waterproof AND breathable. I don't understand how that is possible, but they had a piece of the fabric stretched over the mouth of a small canning jar full of Windex, with the middle part of the lid gone and just the ring screwed on to hold the fabric in place. You could smell the Windex through the fabric, but you could turn the jar upside down and NOTHING came through. Wild! It's also washable and dryable!

Changing gears: Today I am once again ready to commit catricide. Clark's going down. He is being SUCH a feline ASS today. It's been a long time since he has tested me like this, and I thought he had gotten over it. Actually, he does this when he doesn't get enough attention. I had been pretty good about snuggling both cats every day for the past two or three weeks, but for the past couple days I haven't been spending much time with them, and they're letting me know. But he needs to learn that acting out at every available opportunity is not the way to get me to pet him. Idiot. After he finally pushed me too far this morning I grabbed him by his scruff and took him to the garage, ready to stick him in the cat carrier and leave him there for the rest of the day. But the cat carrier wasn't there. I called Slipshod and he said, "oops, we took it to storage." OOPS, indeed. Argh. I may end up sticking Clark in a cardboard box in the garage instead. Too bad we've only got one that's big enough for several of him. He'll probably have fun being locked in a big box. Grrr. Today's transgressions include but are not limited to: knocking my water glass over when I went to grab him when he was going to drink it, and jumping INTO my plate, ONTO MY FOOD. Oh, no. I freakin' rule here. Not him. HE WILL LEARN. Did I mention that said cat is an ASS? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!

Well, Sweet Pea took a good nap yesterday after no naps for two days (followed by 11 1/2 hour nights). Today she woke up early and is now napping, but she really didn't want to, so I hope she at least stays asleep long enough for me to get an uninterrupted shower. Better go start the water!

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Christina said...

My cats are always trying to get near my food when I eat. (They're Siamese, so they really do think they are the rulers.)

Have you tried using a spray bottle with water to keep him away when you're eating? If my cats do something wrong, I always have a spray bottle close by. It gets the message across so I don't want to physically hurt them.

If you want to really show them you're pissed, add a little vinegar to the water. They HATE that.

If you think he's being passive aggressive, you could always try medication. I know several people that have their pets on meds to calm them down.