Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Funnies

Do you think that The Bug looks up to her sister at all?

The Bug has been so curious about the potty and what the rest of us do on there for a while now that I finally got out the kid potty, and she took to it like a duck to water. No, she's not actually going potty on it, but she sure wants to. On Saturday, after they both made big messes of themselves in the back yard, Sweet Pea needed to go potty, and I had just rinsed and dried the kid potty outside where The Bug watched with great interest, so I brought them both in and Sweet Pea gave The Bug her first lesson on the potty. Then she gave her quite a serenade! LOL

What amazed me the most about The Bug's interest in the potty was that it only took her 20 minutes to figure out how to sit on it - even though she's almost too small to sit on it! Sweet Pea didn't even have the kid potty until she was 2, and if I remember correctly it took her over a month to figure out how to sit on it by herself. Amazing.

During The Bug's nap on Saturday I took Sweet Pea out so the two of us could have some fun time together. We went to the local paint-your-own-pottery place and had a great time. Sweet Pea painted some cat figurines (duh), which she says are for me and Slipshod, and I painted a little butterfly trinket box for her. I'll post pictures of the finished pieces after we pick them up later this week.

Well, today is the day! It's Sweet Pea's first day of school. We've had a good morning and it looks like the way I moved my shower around in our routine might work well. I had been thinking we were going to need to start getting up earlier than usual, like 6am or 6:30am, in order to be hungry enough to eat lunch before taking Sweet Pea to school. However, it finally dawned on me last night that if we ate breakfast first and then went right upstairs for my shower, we'd still be hungry in time without having to change our timing. Thankfully I also managed to get The Bug napping, which she is doing now. I got the girls all washed up in the shower with me (which will not be a normal thing; they get too grumpy with each other in the bathtub with me in the morning - but we had family over last night & by the time they left it was too late for a bath for the girls) and now that The Bug's napping, Sweet Pea and I are going to finish getting her dressed, getting her hair up, getting her things ready to take to school, and then we'll fix & eat lunch and go! Whee! Last night I started to get a little stressed again about the separation when The Bug and I leave Sweet Pea at school today, but then I remembered that she's going in the afternoon. I think that it will be much easier a separation in the afternoon than it might have been in the morning, because we will have already spent half the day together and she'll be ready for something different to do. So far she is still very excited and looking forward to her first day of school - she even remembered that's what today was and asked me as soon as she woke up if this was her first day of school. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm been thinking about you guys and Sweet Pea today! I know she's going to have a blast at school today. Can't wait to read all about it!
- friends from Burbank