Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today's Highlights So Far...

  • While I was upstairs getting The Bug out of her crib after her nap and then changing her diaper and starting a load of laundry, Sweet Pea, who was playing in the kitchen sink because we had been washing dishes together, decided that she was scared to run the five feet to the bathroom by herself because "there were smashers in the bathroom," so she peed all over the floor and the stepladder she'd been standing on. This is actually the first accident in a while, but I'm grumpy about it because it sounds like she decided, yet again, simply not to go to the bathroom and sit on the pot. Oh well. Today I'm not making a big deal out of it, I'm just grumpy. She got my squishy mat in front of the sink wet with pee and I don't know how to clean it. I guess I'll just hose off the affected corner...
  • The Bug poured over half a container of baby yogurt onto herself and her seat during lunch. I hope I can get things cleaned up (part of it goes in the washer & desperately needs that level of attention) before dinner. Had to take her pants off and her onesie even got wet through the pants, so it looks like I'll have to change her entire outfit.
  • Lois the cat has been acting not herself for months, actually. She has become REALLY bitchy with her brother, Clark, and has also growled at the girls a few times. Lately she looks like she might be losing weight and I can see her inner eyelids a bit - the ones that go from the inside corner toward the outside corner - the ones you're not supposed to be able to see. Yesterday and today she has not been able to keep any food down.
  • The girls and I will be taking her to see the vet at 3pm today. I feel badly for having waited so long, since she started acting off so long ago. Part of the time I thought it was my imagination and I didn't want to pay for a vet visit she didn't need. Then there was Clark's big episode with the cat fight and the high temperature and the antibiotics and painkillers. But there is definitely something wrong with Lois, and I hope I haven't waited long enough for a small problem to have turned into a big one.
  • Because of Sweet Pea's penchant for "taking care" of her cats and now her sister by making a "fun play place" for them (translation: she sticks them in a very confined area, surrounded on all sides by chairs, bookshelves, step stools, whatever she can find - and then forces all the toys she can find into that same small space), The Bug has learned to say, "want out!"
  • The girls have had a cold all week. Sweet Pea started first and had one night during which she could barely breathe. Then the next day she seemed totally better, though there are still some snorkely noises at night, I've noticed. Two nights ago was the hard night for The Bug. She woke up twice before I went to bed and then almost every hour thereafter until sunrise. She still seems to feel a little bit off, but is much better today than she was yesterday.
  • Got our fridge fixed yesterday. Hooray! As a bonus, it didn't even cost as much as we thought it would. I had the guy look at our garbage disposal too, since it has stopped working, and he pronounced it dead. That one is covered by our landlords, though.

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