Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Notes & a Question

First, another link to Christina's Busybody Book contest, since I've gone wild and posted more than once this week - don't want anybody to miss it in case they're interested.

And since I haven't spoken to my sister yet this week and my daily neighbor is still on vacation, you get to hear my list of things I've been doing. Wait - that's what I always post about anyway, isn't it? ha ha.

  • Tonight I may have discovered why the Infant's Tylenol has not been helping The Bug during her recent teething: I finally consulted our dosing chart for acetaminophen and motrin - the recommendations are meant for fever but I figure they should work for general use of said drugs. Anyway, turns out that I have not been giving The Bug a big enough dose for her weight. Our former family physician once told us that if you're not giving the kid enough medicine, you might as well not give her/him any, because a too-small dose will not help pain or fever.
  • I forgot to mention that over the weekend I removed the infant and child car seats from my van and removed all the coverings from the child seat, washed them, and scrubbed the sticky, age-old spilled juice, etc. off the plastic bits too. Today during The Bug's nap (YES, SHE TOOK A NAP! PAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!!!), Sweet Pea and I went out to the van and put the child seat where the infant seat used to be, and set up her new booster seat where the child seat had previously been. Then after the nap and lunch, the girls and I went for our first ride with them both front-facing and Sweet Pea using a "grown-up seat belt!" She is thrilled with her new setup in the car, and I think The Bug loves her "new" seat as well as being front-facing now. We ran two errands, to the pediatrician's office to pick up the "this child is healthy enough to go to school and here is her immunization history" paper, and then to Target. The Bug did not want to get out of her seat at either destination. LOL!
  • The only shoes I could find for The Bug today at Target were in the "pre-walking" section. Her feet are size 4 or 4 1/2 according to our little foot measure thing, but we ended up buying her a size 5. Very cute shoes and a little more solid in the sole than her Robeez, but I'm not sure they're really going to be able to put up with the kind of abuse she visits on her shoes. We'll see.
  • Finally placed that order tonight for a Kleen Kanteen sippy bottle for The Bug, as well as a neoprene cover for it. The Kleen Kanteens don't have sippy handles available for the sippy bottles (the SIGG Baby Kids bottles do, but the easiest lids they have are sports tops, which I don't think will work for The Bug yet) and I couldn't imagine her wanting to hold a cold bottle full of water or juice. Hopefully the cover will make it comfortable temp-wise enough to hold; might make it easier to grip as well. I gave in to Sweet Pea and ordered her a Baby Kids (10 oz.) SIGG bottle with a baby kitty design on it as well. I'm such a softie - hee hee. The best place I've found so far to buy these things is the Reusable Bags website - under the Reusable Bottles section, of course.
  • Okay, here's where I need your help. When my now-teenage nieces were wee ones, they had Johnson's shampoo and conditioner, separate, in cute Winnie The Pooh - themed bottles with different characters' heads on them. For example, the shampoo had Tigger's head on the top of the bottle and the label was orange and black striped, conditioner had Piglet's head & label was pink striped, etc. Where can I find stuff like this? Does it still exist? I've been looking for the past couple years and all I can find for the girls' hair is 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, and I'm not sure that's the best thing for Sweet Pea's hair anymore. I would love to find kids' shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles, and I think she'd get a kick out of the cute head-shaped bottle tops if they still make them. I'm afraid to start using grown-up shampoo on her for fear of hurting her eyes more than she's used to if any bubbles get in them.


Safire said...

I always buy my daughter's kid shampoo at either drugstore.com or toys r us. I love drugstore.com because they have super fast shipping and I can buy my stuff at the same time. Check it out!

Christina said...

No advice - we use plain shampoo for Cordy, and soon we'll be switching brands to something a little safer. I saw the Skin Deep database about all the chemicals in our shampoos, so we're going to switch to something with fewer cancer-causing chemicals.

Wish I could help, but I don't think I've seen any shampoo with character heads! Sorry!