Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Short & To the Point - With a Link to a Giveaway

So tired. The Bug actually slept WAY more last night than she has for weeks - so now I have a plugged duct. But at least I got some more sleep for once. Not enough to make me feel rested after all I've missed, but it's gotta be good to get more sleep than usual every once in a while, right?

She's been cutting bottom molars for weeks but nothing has come up yet. Don't know if last night's sleep was thanks to thicker jammies (she will absolutely not tolerate any blankets, sleepers, etc. on her feet or the rest of her body, so every night I have to guess what the coldest temperature is that the bedroom will reach by morning), a constant temperature (it was warm and muggy outside even after dark so we slept with the house closed up and the air conditioner on), or the fact that I gave her Tylenol before bed. Usually the Tylenol doesn't seem to help so I stopped giving her any, but when she has a good sleep night and I did decide to give her Tylenol before bed, I have to wonder if that was a night when it actually made a difference.

** This just in: Yesterday evening I thought I felt one sharp point in the are where The Bug has seemed to be cutting her first 1-year molar. Last week I noticed that area was red and purple and hugely swollen for a couple days, so I've kept checking it. Anyway, I tried to feel again for the pointy bit after I first felt it, and her gum felt soft again. I decided that I must have accidentally brushed my finger against the next tooth that is out down there. I just felt her gums again, after she fell asleep for her nap, and there are indeed a couple little pointy bits sticking out where that molar is coming in! YEAH! Maybe last night's improved sleep has to do with that molar finally starting to cut. And maybe this nap that she's just laid down for - the first nap in three days - will actually continue for a couple hours. Here's hoping!!**

Sweet Pea has given up her own kitty bed (twin mattress on the floor of our bedroom, with super-cute kitty sheets and a gorgeous cat quilt made by a friend of ours) because she says she wants to sleep in the big bed with us again. I figured this would happen around the time that school started, but I figured it would be after she actually started... I don't know what is going on with her, but she may be re-thinking her bed change, because she got so squished last night between me and Slipshod that she was complaining in the morning. I've been reminding her that the reason she moved out in the first place was to have more sleeping space for herself. We'll see where she sleeps tonight. A couple days ago she suggested that we make Slipshod move to the guest room and sleep there. Poor Daddy.

Oh well.

Christina is having a drawing for a giveaway at her blog, so go check it out. The item that will be given away is a Busybody Book, which is a day planner calendar with spaces for each family member so you can make sure nobody's schedules overlap. You can read more details on her blog or her detailed review at Cirque du Mommy (I'm not putting links here because they're on Christina's blog). And you don't even have to have a blog to enter! She's taking entries (comments on her blog) until Friday night at 11:59ET.

This is our last week before Sweet Pea starts school. We still need to pick up the doctor's report from her pediatrician and take that, along with the rest of the filled-out new student packet of paperwork, back to the school. We also need to get ourselves to Target for some new kid undies, tiny tennies for The Bug (since Sweet Pea grew more quickly and started walking later, her first tennies are a size and a half too big for The Bug right now!), a new toaster oven (the one we have doesn't work so well anymore...), and a few other items. I'd also like to get Sweet Pea back to the optometrist so he can adjust her glasses again - they sit all askew on her face these days for some reason. Then on Friday, we all get to go to the school from 3-4pm to see Sweet Pea's classroom and meet her teachers. I think it's super cool that we get to do that before school starts.

Happy Tuesday, all, and get on over to Christina's blog now - off with you! :o)

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