Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Ketchup Splat (i.e., catching up quickly)

  • The vet could not find anything terribly wrong with Lois the cat. She talked about how pets have personalities just like people and it's probable from Lois' behavior and the throwing up that she is stressed out and may have a kitty ulcer or at least acid reflux - which is not good in a cat because since they walk on all fours, the acid just keeps coming up. We've tried two kinds of Pepcid but she refuses to take them. We may have to pill her, which is a horrible thing to do with cats (speaking from personal experience - there is a LOT of fighting from the cat when you shoot a pill down its throat; who'da thunk? argh), especially since she may need to take Pepcid for the rest of her life. The vet took some blood to test for the big nasty cat viruses just to make sure she doesn't have anything life-threatening that we can't see by checking for sore spots and fever (she did not have any sore spots or any fever when we were at the vet's office).
  • Yesterday was a pretty darn sucky day for us. I felt fine, though tired, but that's normal, in the morning. The Bug was not napping at the time when she usually does so I kept working with her to get her into nap mode. When I took her upstairs one of those times I discovered that I was suddenly REALLY dizzy if I looked anywhere but straight ahead of me. When I looked down or up or tilted my head sideways, I got incredibly, nearly falling-over dizzy, and nauseous as well. Scary that I discovered all of this while walking up the stairs holding the baby. We made it okay because I leaned against the wall and held onto the railing. I called Slipshod and he came home from work, brought lunch for everyone, and then we all piled into the car to take me to see the doctor. As luck would have it it wasn't worth the trip. I'm glad it was nothing major, but we drove over an hour each way (still haven't gotten a local doctor for the grown-ups in the family) and spent a relatively miserable dinner in a restaurant for no reason. Better than being in two hour traffic with hungry, cranky kids, though. The problem? Almost two years ago I had a viral inner ear infection. Apparently I had some scarring or something in my eustacean tube on the right side, because ever since then if I get even a little fluid in my head due to even a mild cold, I get dizzy. I knew this but yesterday's bout came on much more suddenly and was much more severe than usual, so I thought something else might be going on.
  • In good, happy news, I finally got off my arse this week and called the nearby Motessori school and set up a tour. We'll be checking the place out next Monday at 10am. I'm excited to see the place and talk to the admissions counselor and find out what it's like there. The school has afternoons in the Primary (ages 3-5) program open. Monday through Friday from 1pm-3:30pm. Five days a week seems like way too much to start with, but two and a half hours sounds like a doable amount of time. Sweet Pea is pretty darn apprehensive, as you might expect for a kid who has never been away from me much. She has spent some time without me and even without her daddy or grandparents, but not on a regular basis. Still, I think that once she got used to the classroom, teachers and other kids, she'd be fine. Of course I'm totally getting ahead of myself. We don't even know if we can afford this school - Monday's tour is just to get a look and find out about tuition and all that good stuff. I do hope that when we do send Sweet Pea to school, whether that is this September or later, that we can afford to start her off at a Montessori school. I think that their program would nurture her long attention span. I am scared of a regular classroom teaching her to have the attention span of a flea, based on what I saw in the parks & rec class last winter.

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