Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wastin' away again in Margarittaville

Here's a picture I snapped of the sunset the first night here. We went down to the beach to a bar my dad frequents. Every Saturday night there's a party for the PV Forum my dad co-runs. All the wait-staff were giving him and Sarah a hard time about which day of the week it was.

Been having a great time, though the weather has gotten progressively hotter. Never been this miserable in 85 degree weather before - the humidity is seriously high. Rainy season starts in a couple of weeks, so right now everything is pretty dry in spite of the humidity.

Yesterday we mostly lounged around the house, but did go shopping at one point for some food and electronics. The afternoons are pretty rough, lots of the stores end up closing and all you really feel like doing is taking a nap. today we went down and had breakfast at one of Rick's friends restaurants, which she's set up in another restaurant and just rents in the morning for her breakfasts. she's French-Canadia and the crepes and eggs Benedict were awesome. so far that's the best meal I've had here, but that's no slight on any of the other food that I've had.

Tonight were going to the board meeting which is probably going to be a little bit light. A bunch of the people are out of town this week, and it also looks like JR is trying to get people together to go to a traditional cantina. JR is the other guy who co-runs the forum with Rick.

Tomorrow will probably go down to the beach and hang out for awhile. I'm told I have to at least stick my toes in the water to see how warm it is. I figure I'll also take the opportunity to look around and see if I can find any gifts for girls.


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Violet the Verbose said...

Well, thanks for the note on my blog - which I found hours after it was posted. Today we played, Sweet Pea and Grandma made cupcakes, I walked to the grocery store with The Bug, I tried to make ice cream but it wouldn't set up, and we had the neighbors over for dinner. Oh, and The Bug, in her debut bath in the big tub with sis (that is, no longer in the baby tub, since she just stands up and steps out of it anyway), slipped, hit her face on the rounded upper edge of the tub, and put her teeth nearly through the right side of her lower lip. Sigh. I'm exhausted.

And I almost forgot to say - CURSE YOU for leaving the cat box in the condition it was - past a week since the last cleaning. Disgusting. Took me a long-ass time to get it to a liveable condition last night after everyone else was in bed. There is still a mess around the sides of the box and in the front walled off area of the outer box, which should be clean in case the baby gets to close. But I've done all I can for now. Yuck.