Monday, June 25, 2007

Rainbow Goes Retro

I said Cyndi Lauper. Slipshod says Olivia Newton John. What do you think?

Sweet Pea started "decorating" Rainbow yesterday when she was hanging out in her room with her Boopa. When I explained to her that all those barrettes are choking hazards for the baby, she gleefully pulled out as many more as she could find, clasped them onto the head bands and ponytail holders stretched around the cat, and announced that she was making Rainbow into a choking hazard so the baby couldn't play with him. Since Rainbow is super special to Sweet Pea that's the one toy we don't make her share with The Bug anyway, but apparently she felt it necessary to make Rainbow actually dangerous to her sister. Yeesh.

P.S. I so love that Sweet Pea named her black and white cat Rainbow. It still cracks me up.
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