Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Story from the Mind of a Three-Year-Old

As dictated to Mommy by Sweet Pea on May 2, 2007
while we sat together, talked, and drew the picture above
(with parenthetical comments by Mommy)

(For the record, despite the fact that the way she draws kitties produces completely adorable results, Sweet Pea insisted that I draw all the kitties on the bridge in the picture. She drew everything else.)


"One sunny day the kitties were climbing onto the bridge over the sea. They just loved the sun shining on their tails. They wanted to go in the sea but a sea kitty cat creature popped up. Then the kitties goed (went) riding their kitty cat trikes and climbing the bridge and met their kitty cat friends. Then they saw a cup bird (??? I have no idea) and then there was a big splash on the big bridge. Then there was a kitty and a cup bird and they were all mixed up together. The kitty cat smashed a leaf with its kitty cat smasher (?).

Then the kitties were at home going "meow, meow" and looking out the window. They went outside and played baseball with their kitty cat friends on a sunny, grassy day. Then they went inside because it started raining.

Now the kitties jumped over the fence and grabbed a branch and smashed it with their kitty cat smasher."

The End.
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Stahl family said...

LOL! Such a wonderful story-teller! She is so creative! I hope we can get together to visit someday soon! :)

Lori said...

I LOVE it!