Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Before I begin (okay, I'm editing after adding the pictures)... I have no idea how I managed to underline all my text, and I can't figure out how to undo it. So, happy reading... heh.

I have no formal thought process going on here that might lead to a coherent post. Just feel like putting down some stuff that's been going on.

I hope you moms had a great Mother's Day. I had a really really nice one. Slipshod took Sweet Pea out for half of Saturday (to get my gift, I later learned). During the time they were gone I could not BELIEVE how much I was able to get done. I don't know why I ever thought it was difficult to have one baby - I was here with The Bug and it was so easy to actually accomplish something. (Of course, my MIL points out that it depends on the baby.) While she napped I washed the dishes and farted around on the computer. I was just getting ready to eat lunch when she woke up but she was happy to nurse while I ate. Then I fed her her solid food lunch, cleaned her up, changed her diaper and clothes, and then popped her in the backpack carrier while I vacuumed the house, upstairs and down. We followed that up with a walk outside, around the circle and to the nearby park, then home via Jamba Juice. Sweet Pea and Slipshod were still out so I took the time to take all the toys off the Exersaucer, wipe them off, wipe off the Exersaucer, and put it away. The Bug hasn't wanted to be in it since she got really good at crawling, and although Sweet Pea thinks it's fun to get into the Exersaucer, she's of course WAY too big for it, and we had started using it to just put stuff on when we walked in and out of the kitchen. So, now that's put away, we have a big clear space where it used to be - it's fantastic to have more walking room - and our friends with the twins will be inheriting the Exersaucer. Yay! I can't remember what The Bug and I did after that, but it was truly amazing how much I was able to accomplish in half a day with only one kid to care for.

Sunday was nice - we went to the retirement community where Slipshod's maternal grandmother lives and had lunch with her, Slipshod's mom & her hubby, and his sister, her hubby, and her two teenagers. We then spent a couple hours outside in the courtyard, where The Bug oohed and ahhed over the flowers, took a nap, and Sweet Pea got her dress all wet cleaning the dead/dropped flowers out of the fountain with her hands. We didn't mean to stay so long but it was a nice day. Slipshod had taken Sweet Pea to the shop owned by the guy who made our wedding rings, and they chose a really pretty necklace for me - a white gold circle with a Celtic knot pattern on it, and a sapphire in the middle, on a white gold chain. It is so pretty and I just love it - I'm wearing it every day. I must say, this was actually the best Mother's Day I have ever had. In the past there has not been much in the way of acknowlegement by Slipshod - usually some flowers from the guy on the street, or from the grocery store. While I acknowledge that Mother's Day is a moneymaking scheme thought up by Hallmark, it is still nice to be treated especially well one day per year. Slipshod even did the dishes while I put the kids to bed for once, so that for the first time in - um, ever, I think, I was able to come downstairs after the girls were in bed and actually sit and relax for a while before going to bed, instead of going through the usual ritual of put girls to bed, wash all the dishes, sweep the floor, pick up toys, etc. before I can sit down and relax. So, it was a good weekend.

Yesterday, however, Slipshod, who had sprouted a personality for the weekend, was right back into his work-induced stress funk. He couldn't stop pulling on his beard and staring into space long enough to talk to me or listen to Sweet Pea telling him things, there was no smiling, etc. etc. I sure hope this clears up soon 'cause I'm SO done with it.

Now, of course, we're back to life as usual, and unfortunately The Bug is sleeping like - well, like shit. She wakes up every half hour or hour at night (for the past two nights) and yesterday she didn't nap until 4pm. Today she could not stay asleep at her usual post-breakfast naptime either, so she's playing. She's not eating a whole lot at mealtimes but is nursing more than usual. Her gums are getting a bit lumpier so I think we may FINALLY see some new teeth in the next month or so. She was going gangbusters at first with the teething - cut 2 per month from December though February - and then she just stopped. I keep telling her that I expect the next bunch to be four or six teeth, and I am totally serious. I have put up with enough lost sleep and madness from her not taking a nap. She should be DONE teething by now for all the sleep problems she's had. God, I can't WAIT until she's done teething and I can sleep again.

As for the cold we had - I think that it is finally almost completely gone. The stuffy noses stayed around so long in the girls that I started to think that we were looking at allergies, but now things truly seem to be clearing up. It's about time - The Bug started with this thing three weeks ago yesterday.

Well, back to the madness. Wish me luck.

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