Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!

Hey, it's my blog, whaddaya gonna do. Ha ha! I've always enjoyed my birthday and am not shy about letting people know it's today. Grin.

Sorry it's been so incredibly boring here lately - after a very very long lull, we have been super busy! Out of the house for kids' birthday parties and visits to the twins I asked you all to send good vibes to - by the way, thanks for all you did, they have both been home for 5 weeks now, I think, and are growing well and looking great.

Monday we took our cats to the vet for a long overdue checkup and they got SO MANY SHOTS. They were really sore for almost two days. They're all better now, though, and back to their kittenish ways. We are probably going to start letting them outside in a month (after they get their lieukemia booster & we wait two more weeks) because they keep squirting out past our feet when we open the doors anyway. I am scared of them getting squished by cars, but as the vet said, if they're trying that hard to get outside, there is a quality of life issue to consider.

Today my parents are bringing lunch over and hanging out with me and the girls for the afternoon in celebration of my birthday. Retirement is a wonderful thing.

The week before last Sweet Pea decided she was ready to move out of our bed. She has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor in our room since then. I got her some cute kitty cat sheets for the twin mattress to make the transition a little more fun. She is falling out of bed now and then and besides that I haven't found a bed frame that's not way too expensive, so for now it's just a mattress on the floor. That mattress is half of our guest bed anyway, so we'll figure out the details later. Looks like she's going to stick with this, so we'll need to buy her her own mattress now. She tells me that she wants to sleep with us "always and forever," though, even when she's in college. I have to laugh. Sometimes it seems like she'll never be in her own room, but when I really think about it I will probably be the one having a hard time when she does make that transition. I really love having both girls in our room.

The Bug can stand on her own without holding onto anything, although when she realizes she's doing that, she grabs onto whatever is closest to her.

We have spent a good part of the past few days with our friends across the street and are REALLY enjoying their company, even though the little boy pushes Sweet Pea off whatever little vehicle she chooses to ride when we're outside (well, he tries, anyway). Yesterday they walked to the grocery store with us - we had a big stroller parade, ha ha - and afterward I treated us all to smoothies and the kids played in the little fountain area of the shopping center before we came home. There has been another neighbor family out with their two boys this week, too, and it's fun to have all the kids playing together. Sweet Pea is loving this. And so am I!


Lynda said...

Happy Birthday! Hope today is as good as it's starting out to be! It sounds as though you have had a few really fun days recently!

Hope we can get together soon! Dying to see the Bug! Haven't seen her since nearly birth! :O

The Pizzitola Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you the kiddies are good to you all day and you are able to take some time away for yourself -- you deserve it!

Christina said...

Happy birthday!!

And I think we're going to try the same bed idea of putting a mattress on the floor. I can't find a low enough frame to make Cordy feel comfortable. Although she wants nothing to do with sleeping in the same room with us - she's always wanted to sleep on her own.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! In my sleep deprived haze, I didn't get a card in the mail, but all our best birthday wishes to you today!
Friends from Burbank

daniela said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hugs to you :-). Hope you're enjoying YOUR day!! Miss you.

erinkvest said...

Happy BIRTHDAY...can't wait to see you!!! HORRAY I GET TO GIVE YOU A BIRTHDAY HUG!