Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pix to Compare

We've always thought our girls looked alike, but it's been hard to compare them very closely because they move so quickly! ha ha And we couldn't find any baby pictures of Sweet Pea that were similar enough to a pose that The Bug makes. But when he was looking through our photos to print some for his grandmother for Mother's Day, Slipshod found this shot of Sweet Pea (from 2004) in the blue sweatshirt, hugging a big stuffed bear, and used it and the following picture of The Bug, which you have already seen, to make a wonderful Mother's Day card for me. Tell me what you think - do you think people will be able to tell that they're sisters? :o)

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Lori said...

Sweet Pea looks a good amount older in her pic than The Bug's pic.. but yes, definitely looks like sisters :-)

Christina said...

Oh yes, I can see a strong family resemblance between them!