Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Butt Hurts

... because I got what sleep I could last night while sitting up, propped on pillows, with the baby on the front of me in the Bjorn. It was very hot. And my butt hurts. Did I already say that? I am living in sort of a bubble here, so I lost track of what day it was and forgot to put the diapers out last night for the service to pick up. So we have a new bag of clean ones, but we also have a big stinky bag full from last week that we have to keep until next Monday night. Ugh.

The good part: We both actually did get a little bit of sleep - more than the night before.

Slipshod has been sleeping downstairs on the couch since he has a loud cough too. Sweet Pea still wants to sleep upstairs with me, though, even though I make tons of noise and move around all night, trying to keep the baby upright so she can breathe, nurse her when she needs it, and then burp her for a long time afterward, hoping to avoid another eruption of snot and breastmilk. But once she gets to sleep, Sweet Pea can sleep through just about anything.

More good news: The Bug has managed to keep 4 feedings (nursings) down since the last time she threw up, WHEW. Her diapers were getting drier and drier last night - but she awoke with a very wet one, and has nursed successfully a couple times today. The coughing is horrible and her face is all runny. But she's breathing.

I currently have her upstairs in her swing, hoping that she'll drop back to sleep so I can take a shower. I didn't get one yesterday and am feeling rather disgusting.

Two nights ago I tried putting The Bug in her swing, but apparently its magic isn't active at night. Last night I tried putting her in her car seat, but she woke up 30 seconds later and just wanted me to hold her. AND, if not belted in, she can squirm out of the car seat. So - looks like I just have to hold her all night until the worst of this cold is over. I really hope tonight is the last night of this... I just want to lie down and sleep!

But, more good news: The other night when I had a sore throat and headache seems to have been the worst of it for me. I am still WAY better off than anyone else who lives here. Whew!

Slipshod returned to work today, but will come home if needed. He went out and got breakfast for me before he left, which was nice. Now I just need a personal shopper to go out and get me some new shirts and some sweat pants. I STILL don't have the rest of my clothes, and due to all the baby spew, I am now wearing a pair of shorts from a set of summer pajamas, and one of Slipshod's long-sleeve T-shirts that he wears at night to keep his arms warm (yes, his RSI is still very bad).

Yesterday The Bug did not want to nurse much so I tried to pump in order to make sure I kept producing milk for her today. Apparently she doesn't suck very hard, though, because the pump on its lowest setting HURT! I couldn't use it for fear of making my nipples too sore to nurse for real. That was my electric pump. I also have a manual Avent Isis pump, but lost the last little valve down the drain. Gotta call Babies R Us today and see if they carry replacement valves so Slipshod can go get one for me at lunchtime. Whee... the fun never ends!

Oh, and for the record: The swing doesn't work when the baby's sick, either. So I woke her up by moving her for nothing, and now she's miserable and can't breathe AND is making more mucus by crying. Augh! Gotta go.

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