Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mamas are Strong!

Everybody's sick here. Except me, of course. Yeah! ha ha

Slipshod has been sort of sick for over a week, but of course kept going to work.

Sweet Pea has been sick for a few days and thank goodness her cough is getting a little better. Two nights ago and yesterday every time she got on a coughing jag I was afraid she was going to either puke or cough up a lung. It's still bad, but the jags aren't happening quite as frequently or lasting for as long. She still has a mild fever, because she can't seem to have any tiny little germ in her body without getting a fever, but it's nothing serious. Nose running like crazy and every time I try to school her in proper noseblowing techniques, she says it hurts and pushes the tissue away, and continues to make that yucky snorkeling noise people make when they've got a gallon of snot just waiting to pour out.

The Bug and I were doing well to all appearances until today, though The Bug had been clingly for the past five days or so - which is unusual for her. She's got other issues, though... I seem to have plugged her up with rice cereal and other solid foods (though I think the rice cereal is the culprit). I stopped feeding her the cereal a few days ago but have kept giving her the fruits and veggies, and two days ago on the advice of our family physician I tried giving her some apple juice with her water, but she was pretty pissed about that and wanted nothing to do with it. But she has been drinking a little more water lately. However, today ever since she got up from her nap she has seemed tired and cranky and has spent a whole lot of time with her little head laid on my chest, resting. She does seem to be trying very hard to poop today, though so far nothing has materialized. The past couple days, though, she was quite the little pebble factory.

So, we will not be going to the birthday party we were supposed to attend tomorrow, darn it. I do hope that Slipshod feels better tomorrow. When he gets sick he sleeps and doesn't talk much. We've watched a whole ton of TV today, because I just don't want to deal with parenting two sick kids AND a sick daddy without any input from anyone else (the cats are just not help at all).

I must say, though, I'm actually doing a surprisingly good job of taking care of the house through all this. I think it's a reaction to not being able to make anyone feel better - I'm excercising control where and how I can.

Anyway, wish us luck... and health...


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone starts to feel better soon! :) -hugs-

Christina said...

Ugh, that's never any fun. Here's hoping everyone is well again soon, and they don't pass it on to you!