Monday, February 05, 2007

Damned Turkeys

They got me. I fought valiantly, but they got me down. I'm sick. Dammit. And so is The Bug. Which means, of course, NO sleep for me, because she can't sleep lying down - can't breathe that way - and to make matters worse for me, she doesn't seem to be able to sleep unless I'm holding her. IN MY ARMS. Yes, the Baby Bjorn will keep her against me, but I have to use my ARMS. AUGH! So, almost no sleep last night. I'm sure that will help me get better really quickly. Also, today she has reached the lovely point of "I'm-a-baby-so-I-don't-know-how-to-clear-my-throat," which means that when she gets too much phlegm going on, she has to throw up to breathe again. Joy. At least it's only snot and breastmilk... she hasn't had any solid food for two days because she is STILL pooping teeny, tiny bricks and only after lots and lots of effort for each of them.

Slipshod is, of course, all ready to go back to work after his weekend of being sick at home. Though thankfully, he's going to work from home today, whew. Sweet Pea is better every day, hooray. She's not waking up coughing anymore, and her daytime cough doesn't sound so awful and body-wracking anymore.

I am hoping that I'll just get a glancing blow. So far I've got a sore throat and post nasal not-drip (it's just sitting there). Oh, and I had a headache last night at bedtime. But hopefully it won't get any worse... wish me luck. Going to lounge in the couch-bed now with the kids and watch "Cars."

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dana said...

Oooh! Sweetie! I hope you feel better soon! Tis the season of illness. I dread the cold I'm about to get. :(