Friday, February 09, 2007

Isn't She Sly?

I had a feeling The Bug was slipping something in unbeknownst to us... sure enough, yesterday while carrrying her I heard her grinding her teeth! That means she's got one on top now. Her third tooth came in - the top front left one. So, I guess the fourth will follow soon. Yay!

She is still coughing until she turns beet red and can't breathe sometimes, but not as much, and everything is getting much better rather quickly, which is SUCH a relief. Yesterday morning The Bug didn't seem a whole lot better, but over the course of the day yesterday she improved really really rapidly.

Sweet Pea's cough is still here but doesn't surface very often and is mostly dry now. She's doing great. Last night I left all the couch cushions, etc. downstairs and Slipshod came back to the family bed. His cough is much better too, but it's amazing how just a couple nights with him out of the room can make me forget his snoring! Oh well. The Bug slept much better, mostly in her co-sleeper propped up (but part of the time in bed with the rest of us). So I finally got to sleep a little better too. Whew.

Oh yes - Slipshod's grandma went home yesterday from the hospital. I guess she had two mini-strokes over the weekend (did I already say that?). We had heard that she had some slightly slurred speech and something else that didn't feel or work right, but I can't remember what. Slipshod went to see her yesterday at lunchtime and said she seemed totally normal to him, so either the slurred speech had cleared up, or it's so minor that he didn't notice. Glad she's home, but I hope the doctors told her stuff she can do to try to avoid more strokes... the doctor did give her a "Life Alert" button necklace thing, so at least she'll be able to get help right away next time - though she could have called any family member over the weekend. Yeesh.

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