Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Back

Not that anyone missed me, but my internet connection was down all week. Something broke upstairs. Slipshod fixed it tonight and it's good to be able to get "out" again!

I think everyone is healthy around here again. No more coughs or snot, and the girls finished up their antibiotics last week (it was only a 5 day course). Every day I wonder if I should take The Bug back to make sure her ears are clear, though, because her sleep is still even more messed up than it was pre-cold. This results in her frequently touching her ears when I lay her down on the changing table. However - she has reached the unfortunate age where she ALWAYS cries when I put her on the changing table (in fact, if I so much as walk into the room holding her she starts to complain), and she is always tired, and she is the kind of kid who plays with her ears when she's tired. So I am really pretty certain that her ears are fine. She is not sticking her thumbs into them like she was when she was sick; I think that's an indication of them being better. ha ha!

Anyway - The Bug cut tooth #4 on Monday the 12th, and seems like she's got more coming any day, the way she's gnawing on everything including the kitchen table (she's not actually hanging from it like the little sister in the Lemony Snickets movie, but only because she can't walk yet, I think...).

Sweet Pea has had a couple 12-hour nights of sleep, one even longer, and I have to say, those days are almost always so wonderful. She is so much sweeter and more cheerful when she sleeps that long at night. And she doesn't need a nap the following day, which gives us more time (well, it did when The Bug used to sleep during the day) to do fun things together while The Bug naps.

That is all... nothing exciting or fun or quirky, just the daily grind. I am having a very difficult time catching up on the sleep lost during the cold, but had a good night the other night. Probably because I went to bed a couple hours earlier than usual. Which means tonight I am not doing myself any favors by being up so late. Duh.

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