Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Present For Your Amusement:

Batter Blaster! Organic, no less.

Yes, I'm serious. Slipshod saw this stuff in the end of one of the refrigerated sections of Costco and HAD to check it out. He thought it looked funny, so we bought some. "We're having pancakes for breakfast tomorrow," he promised gleefully. I asked him if he thought the propellant was organic too.
Seriously. Pancake batter in a whip cream-type can. For reals. My eyebrow remained cocked.

The pancakes were actually fine. Slipshod seemed a little disappointed that the batter didn't actually shoot out of the can like whipped cream, though.
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Safire said...

Aww...I'm a little sad it doesn't shoot out of the can like whipped cream too. :) Looks like fun though!

Steph said...

Heehee! My hubby wouldve SO had to try that!

THanks for the tip on the kitchen!

Karen Sugarpants said...

Oh that is just too funny!

Christina said...

I've seen that at Whole Foods, but never tried it. Now I think I'm going to have to check it out. Too bad it doesn't shoot out like whipped cream, though.

Julie P. said...

Ok...haven't visited in a while...I totally have to go get those pancakes!!!!!! THanks for sharing. You all look GREAT!!!