Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Am Freaking Brilliant

So, while Sweet Pea is taking an hour and a half to get dressed for school, I've started going through some boxes that have been sitting around upstairs waiting to be unpacked. I found all my maternity clothes and started mourning not being able to wear them anymore. Not because I want to be pregnant again, geez! No, I was feeling sad because some of my maternity shirts are WAY cuter than my regular clothes and I was going to have to give them away. But one of them didn't look so wide and I tried it on and decided to keep it and see if it could pass as a normal shirt. THEN it hit me: DUH, I have a sewing machine. I can take in my cutest maternity shirts and KEEP them and WEAR them! I can have cute clothes without shopping, which I hate to do! YEAH! And, this means I don't have to give away or sell clothes that I like a lot but didn't get to wear very long. Besides that, the maternity shirts are longer than my usual shirts, which seem too short this winter. I'm all excited. I probably won't keep that many of the shirts, but I can think of two I definitely do want to keep, and maybe there are a couple more. My summer is looking a little cuter this year.

** NOTE: Okay, so now that I've looked through the box with a more discerning eye it's only two shirts. But still. Good idea, no?


Karen Sugarpants said...

UGH! I wish I'd thought of that before I gave all of mine away! Brilliant!

Stahl family said...

WOW!! What a great idea! I wish I could find my maternity clothes...

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