Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter, First Quick Post

The girls and I spent Easter with my parents and then stayed for a couple more days, since Sweet Pea is on spring break this week. I couldn't keep up with Sweet Pea during the egg hunt. She was off and running.

The Bug demanded more close personal attention anyway.

Look at those luscious curls. But this picture is here mainly for an old friend who may stop by to see whose blog this is, after I found her blog and left a comment after reading her fantastic Valentine's Day story.

I dressed my cuties in dirndls (since I've been asked what a dirndl is by more than one person, I'll tell you that it is a traditional German dress) to take pictures while they fit into them! Sweet Pea is wearing a dirndl that my godfather sent me from Germany (where he lives) when I was little. The Bug is wearing a dirndl that my godfather brought from Germany last time he visited, when Sweet Pea was 2ish. Unfortunately Sweet Pea never wore that dirndl even once, since she received it during her year and a half of eschewing clothes, even during the winter. She only wore diapers WAY most of that year and a half. The Bug enjoys clothes quite a lot but I thought I'd better get some photos of her in the dirndl as early and often as I can until she grows out of it (it is clearly currently too large for her), just in case she goes native on me too. And also because she is very vocal about what she wears, and there may come a day when she just won't put the darn thing on.

More stories of Easter and pictures soon, but I'm posting this stoopid late (well, early, really) and really need to get to bed.

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Mutha Mae said...

Hi! Found you via a Tweet from Connie and decided to check out your blog.

WOW, I have to check out that batter blaster product! It has a spray cheese delivery system, doesn't it?