Monday, March 03, 2008

Catching Up - Just Quickly

Well, we're finally all over that flu thing. The girls STILL have stuffy heads & occasionally runny noses, but we're starting to blame that on allergies 'cause it doesn't seem to be anything else. Took The Bug to the doctor on Saturday because she is just not quite right - naps are WAY too short and she wakes up screaming - very unlike her - and she's been extremely clingy to me for a long time. Doctor couldn't find anything wrong - her ears look "perfect," he said, and her chest sounds fine, and we don't think her two-year molars could be cutting yet, but she does still have a bunch of congestion in her head. He gave us some samples of children's Dimatapp and we've been giving it to her before bed for the past two nights. Best sleep she and I have had for a year or more! I don't know if I'll give it to her tonight, though; she sounds much less stuffy today.

Sweet Pea went to school every day last week except for Thursday, when she was worried, because of her runny nose, about getting her classmates sick. She's been very happy to be back, and having been gone for two weeks does not seem to have made her classmates forget about her (which totally did happen earlier in the winter when she was out for one week). Or maybe she's just gotten more outgoing since the flu, I don't know. At any rate, her teachers say she seems thrilled to be back in school, and I've seen her interacting with some of the other kids just like before.

I'm still trying to catch up with the laundry but otherwise things are pretty okay around here and I'm still plugging away at the Christmas cards when I can. I'm up to K now...

It's been so long since we did a meaningful shopping trip that I don't even have a useful onion in the house. I was going to put together a casserole now for dinner tonight, but oh well. We have other options. Guess I should meal plan & write a grocery list instead.

I wanted to post some pictures today but Slipshod moved some stuff around on my computer over the weekend & now I can't get things to import from my camera. Photos will be posted here when that gets cleared up.

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