Monday, April 02, 2007

Finally - A Working Weekend

I'm not saying that I want to spend every weekend working - but every once in a while is good. This weekend Slipshod and I made an amusing switch - I broke down most of the mountain of empty cardboard boxes that had gathered in the garage around Christmastime, and I ran the carpet cleaner around the house (in various places that needed to have pee-pee removed from the carpets), while Slipshod washed dishes and made creme brulee. He did do a little more kid watching than usual, too, but on Saturday his mom and her hubby were here to keep them occupied as well.

I am feeling GOOOOOOOOD to have finally done some work that has been nagging at me. Every day I can see what needs to be done, but for one reason or another a whole lot of the jobs are not doable when I'm here alone with the girls. Usually for safety reasons.

Now, gimme some love about this, check it out: I finally dragged the Nordic Track out of the garage and into the house! Okay, I probably really don't deserve kudos for that until I actually start using it - regularly - but I am excited to have it in the house now. That gives me a MUCH bigger chance of getting a workout than having it all dirty and dusty in the garage. And as boring as working out on that thing is, it has helped me get fit and lose a bunch of pounds in the past.

Slipshod is not happy with his creme brulee - it was his first try - but I thought it was great, and he had fun using a torch to brown the sugar on top of it. ha ha! Ever since we got a high definition TV, he has started watching cooking shows, since there is an HD cooking channel. It's definitely rubbing off on him and giving him ideas. We love to watch Alton Brown's show "Good Eats." He is such a hoot! "Ace of Cakes" is also fun to watch, as well as "Dinner Impossible." It's very exciting for me that Slipshod is intrigued enough to try his hand at cooking. He has been thinking of ways to snazz up the usual boring eggs I make for breakfast, and has fun making things he has never tried before.

As for the kids - The Bug is trying to kill me again. I can't wait until the next set of teeth come in. Sweet Pea is doing great, though. Sleeping well, playing with The Bug and teaching her things, etc.

Oh - and The Bug is really getting the signing thing now. She watches intently and tries new signs, and it is so exciting to actually be communicating with her!

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Christina said...

Yay for spring cleaning! I keep waiting for my "nesting" instinct to kick in so that I can finally get something done around my messy house, but nothing yet. I'm too tired to deal with the clutter.

That's great that The Bug is picking up signing! And I'm glad for you that SweetPea is sleeping well. :)