Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday at the Aquarium

Sweet Pea could not WAIT to see the jellyfish at the aquarium.
She was not disappointed (click to see these pictures larger - it's worth it!).

She enjoyed gazing at every single kind of jellyfish they had to show us.

The Bug has become such a ham! She now periodically stops nursing to make faces at me. I guess it doesn't help that I make faces back at her. She also started chattering almost nonstop on Friday (to date she has been pretty quiet most of the time, though she definitely has chatty moments). She seems to have the ability to make every sound she will need to speak - they're just not organized into words yet, but she is definitely mimicking sounds. And as I have already posted, she already says a few words.

Oh - for anyone from our SJ play group who is reading this, I want you to know that The Bug LOVES her Baby Bjorn which you all SO kindly gave us before she was born. Every day she crawls over to the front door entryway, pulls the Bjorn out of her car seat (which sits on the tile by the front door) and begs to be taken outside for a walk (and nearly every day we go out). "Bjorn" is even one of her most often used words. She pronounces it "BYA!" yes, she yells it. And points. She points all the time now, at everything. And she knows to point up if she wants to get out of her seat at the table, or car seat, or if she wants to get up into her "BYA!" hee hee! So once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for that! We just love it. :o)

Sweet Pea really really wanted to see the beach, so after we left the aquarium we went down to the beach access in the middle of the shops/restaurant area in Monterey. It was after 6pm and was chilly, but she wanted to make "sand kitties." I am not sure what she was doing pulling up her dress - I don't even remember her doing that. Looks like a modern dance or something to me. But we did end up taking off her tights and sandals. Then she fell and skinned her knee on a rock, and that was pretty much the end of the visit to the beach.

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daniela said...

That's so great she loves the Bjorn! I haven't been commenting - but I am enjoying reading your Blog, seeing the pictures. Both girls are beautiful. As well, that shitty Monday you had recently? I can so relate, you're not alone. Thinking of you guys!