Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Latest Developments

Yep, stairs. Here's Sweet Pea cheering The Bug on, trying to get her to come up to the halfway landing on Friday. The Bug made it up two stairs but was then distracted by my crunchy, juicy apple. Had to have a go at that. She is still not eating Cheerios or anything like that, but this past week decided to chew bits off my apple (and then let them fall onto the carpet, lovely) and has also eaten a few half ABC crackers (actually Earth's Best brand Crunchin' Blocks - but they have letters on them so we call them ABC crackers).

In language news, The Bug has started to say, "kitty cat!" She has begun to follow our cats around - crawling quickly after them and then "petting" them, which appears more to the untrained eye to be a baby giving a cat a beating. We're working on the whole notion of "gentle" with her. ha ha! The cats, however, trained by Sweet Pea as kittens, just sit and take it most times. When they've had enough they leave - they haven't smacked The Bug yet. Probably won't. They've never stood up for themselves with Sweet Pea either. Anyway, The Bug is so enamored of the kitties that she talks about them all the time, and she points all the time now, too. She says, in her super cute, chipper, high-pitched little baby voice, "KEE CAH!" Over and over. It's utterly adorable. hee hee!

Oh - and those stairs she was unsure of on Friday? She crawled up nearly all of them on Saturday. And today, ALL the way from downstairs to upstairs (17 stairs), THREE TIMES. She's outta control! ha ha
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dana said...

She is so adorable! What a cutie! She looks like she loves that apple!