Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's Up, Buttercup?

We've had quite a busy few days here recently. Grandma D (my mom) was here Thursday and spent the night, and on Friday night Grandma S (Slipshod's mom) and Boopa came over and spent the night. That is an unusual occurrence because they only live half an hour from here, but my sister is coming this weekend with two of her kids and the foreign exchange student her family is hosting this year, and we weren't sure when, and Grandma S and Boopa wanted to make sure they got to see Sweet Pea and The Bug this weekend.

Turns out that my sister and the kids aren't coming until midday tomorrow, so I was thankfully able to get the laundry under control today (there were baskets and baskets of clean laundry in the living room and more piles on the couch, and a few more piles of dirty laundry upstairs - don't ask me where it all came from, I'm not entirely sure!). There is still so much more to do, but I am trying to be at peace with the reality that this house is not going to be spic and span when they arrive. However, having to grandparently playmates for the girls here all day today helped me to get a lot done, so I'm glad that it looks better than it did, at least.

I could yack a lot more, but really need to go do some more cleaning. Just wanted to make an appearance.
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She is darling! Gorgeous baby girl!