Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do They Still Make Calgon?

But more important is the question, does it still work the way they showed in the commercials way back when?

I'm actually feeling a lot better today. Why? Because I managed to get my first shower since Monday! Thank goodness. I was feeling (er, smelling) RANK. And I never did get out of my jammies yesterday. It's nice to be in daytime clothes again.

Sweet Pea still has that 99.2-ish fever, but I'm starting to wonder if we just have another useless thermometer. I don't know. She is whining a lot, which continues making me feel a bit crazy, but I think that's just because she lost a lot of sleep earlier in the week and hasn't caught up yet. Otherwise she's acting normal.

Tomorrow we're going to have an outing to Costco to get some stuff for the birthday party. Wahoo! Thank goodness we have family nearby, because I haven't been able to get near the party supplies (don't want to take them out while Sweet Pea is awake; they'd never last until party time) and Slipshod has been at work so late almost every night lately that nothing is happening around here. Zero packing, even though we've had a pod delivered, and zero preparation for the party. Oh my god, that reminds me, I was supposed to order the food today... augh! Gotta go call Togo's and our local bakery. Wish me luck making it through a phone call; The Bug is calling from her crib.

What? That didn't make any sense? Oh yeah. The comment about family is because we'll have a bunch of them here before the party helping us decorate and set out the food, etc.

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Stahl family said...

Seeing as how you posted this twice, I am guessing you really need some time out. Call if you want some help. I mean it! I feel your pain!