Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All I Want is an Effing Shower!

What the hell is it - is it where we live, or is every place as nasty and virus-filled as our area? It seems like whenever I take Sweet Pea out, she gets sick. Costco? Strep Throat. Tot lot at Alum Rock Park? Unidentified really nasty scary-high-fever-causing virus. Target? Apparently we're about to find out. I've just determined that she has a low-grade fever (in the low 99s). WONDERFUL. Now nobody with kids is going to want to come to her birthday party this Sunday.

Yesterday we took my niece to the Winchester Mystery House and all the nap Sweet Pea got was maybe 20 minutes on the drive home. Last night she awoke in the wee hours (3ish or 4ish) and didn't get back to sleep until 6am-ish, and I'm not even sure she was really asleep because she was talking a bit. Then she woke up for the day around 7:30am. Today, yet again no goddam nap. I'm going fucking insane. Because I get less sleep than EVERYONE around here, ALWAYS. But I have to take care of them all. Such is the life of a mother and wife, eh? Okay, I can't complain that it's ALL me... While it is true that I am the one whose sleep suffers, Slipshod has been doing all of our grocery shopping for months, and helps as he can with the girls (meaning, in the few hours that he's not at work each week).

Anyway... the upshot here is that it's nearly 3pm and I am still in my pajamas, feeling ultra-nasty because it was Africa hot yesterday when we were out, and as you might imagine with a house so big, the Winchester Mystery House is very much NOT air conditioned. And I was wearing a hot little baby in a Baby Bjorn during our 1 mile + hike through said landmark, and carrying Sweet Pea part of the time too. So people in Sacramento can probably smell my armpits. FYI, it's a 2 1/2 hour drive from here to Sacramento...

There is no point in trying to write more. Sweet Pea wants to sit on my lap and The Bug is waiting for me to get her out of her co-sleeper and we all could use some lunch.


Queen of Spain said...

We can have a post birthday party for her NEXT NEXT weekend. I promise my kids will get your kids sick. Not that they are sick now, but I'm sure they will be by then. You know, from having been exposed to the world at some point this week.

Violet the Verbose said...

Sounds good (the party part, I mean). Yeah, my mother and MIL keep telling me that this is how kids build their immunities. I know that's true, and I know it's important for them to do that, but it still makes me never want to leave the house. Ha ha!

Christina said...

Sounds like you could use a break. Any way you could pump and get out of the house for a few hours by yourself?

Yeah, we'll all have a post-birthday party for her the Sunday after Blogher. And I'm sure I'll bring some Ohio germs with me. Cordy seems to be coming down with a cold today, which means I'll have it next week. Just in time to go to California.