Friday, January 02, 2009

Rewind a Couple Weeks

I just want you to know that you can thank Jenny for inspiring me to get back here and dust off the cobwebs and post again. Do you know what she did? She posted on her blog EVERY DAY of 2008! I am in awe, and vowed to see if I could post here two days in a row. Check me out! I'm posting right before midnight, but I'm here! :o) By the way, if you don't already read Jenny's blog, I highly recommend it. She is hilarious, goofy, foxy and crafty! I met Jenny and her best friend Jennie the first night at Blogher last summer. I love them! Go visit their blogs!

Speaking of Jenny, once when I mentioned on either Twitter or Facebook (I can't keep up) that the girls and I had made salt dough ornaments, she encouraged me to post pictures. I got the recipe over at and let me tell you, this recipe came out the perfect consistency. We will be making it again in the future just as homemade play dough, and also to use to make hand print plaques for Father's Day. I was using a different recipe for the plaques in the past, but now that I've discovered this one I like it way better. Anyhoo - I didn't actually take any photos during the mixing, rolling out, cutting and baking phases of our salt dough ornament project, but oh have I got painting pictures for you.

Here we see The Bug, painting everything uniformly muddy pink. She was just happy to be painting.
Meanwhile, Sweet Pea went with a more traditional approach.
The ornament painting inevitably became self painting. Here you see The Bug refocused on a piece of paper that I stuck in front of her, hoping the distraction would curb any clothes or face painting.
Sweet Pea turned to finger painting as well. The way she's holding her hand is how she makes a "hand kitty." She's holding up her middle finger because it's the kitty's head. That hand kitty is walking all over the paper, making painty footprints.

We did, in fact, take the girls to see The Tale of Despereaux today, and all of us enjoyed the movie. It's not as good as Cars, but is any movie? Despereaux was a very enjoyable tale and we had a great time having a rare day out just for fun, together as a family. Our plans are still on for the trip to Natural Bridges tomorrow to see the butterflies. This is fun!

Just to let you know, I have ideas a-brewing in my head and will be back here much more often. Due to the maddening 4-photo limit on this blog I am seriously considering starting a new blog where I can post as many damned photos as I want. Thoughts are percolating through my brain about ways I can do things a little differently on the next blog, or just themes I can revisit from time to time. Stay tuned!
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Dana said...

I love the picture!

Hope you had a great Christmas! And Happy New Year! :)

jennyonthespot said...

Look at you, all kickin' butt and takin' names!

I am so glad you posted these pics (didn't know you had a 4 picture limit... that's interesting!)... It looks like the girls had such a wonderful time! I love the fact that you linked to the recipe! Thanks!

I LOVE how much paint The Bug needed to "finger" paint :) It's so cute to see how kids express their ideas!

Fun post... hope you have fun with the butterflies... perhaps we'll hear about it :)