Thursday, January 01, 2009

Aaaaand, She Slides in at the Last Minute...

to report on the New Year's Day happenings.

Which today, for the rest of my family, involved simply eating
and sleeping.

Oh, and play. Of course there was play, too. Lots of play. Play-Doh, in fact. All over the place.

For me, New Year's Day was spent in a cleaning frenzy. I want to have everything ready for next week, and I want to start back to "life as usual" with a clean house, if at all possible. To that end, I folded and put away 5 or more loads of laundry today, washed at least 4 more and then folded and put them away, replaced hardware on and rehung a shower door, scrubbed a different shower, washed the dirty dishes that have been piling up in the kitchen for a couple days, fed my family at the appropriate times, and finally got that infernal holiday card list finalized.

My day was complicated by The Bug, who really needs naps, not napping, while Sweet Pea, who hasn't napped in nearly 2 years, did nap. The result wasn't too bad with The Bug, which was nice (most days when she misses her nap she's miserable for the afternoon & evening), but Sweet Pea, unsurprisingly, could not get to sleep tonight. After trying to get to sleep for 45 minutes or so she cried and wanted me to snuggle with her and I kept asking if she was tired, figuring that if she wasn't, she could come downstairs with us for a while. She seemed to want to stay in bed, however, but finally she said she'd like to come downstairs with me if I were leaving the room, so she came down and helped me put the return address labels on our New Years card envelopes before Slipshod took her back to bed an hour later. While we were working, she told me and Slipshod that she was really enjoying having some time with just the two of us, since she doesn't get that very often and she misses it. Cutie pie.

The girls don't know it yet but we are planning to take them to see Despereaux tomorrow. Then on Saturday if everyone seems up for it, we may go to Natural Bridges State Beach to see the Monarch butterflies and then to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to ride the carousel and whatever other little kid rides they have. Should be a hoot!

How did you start 2009?
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jennyonthespot said...

Wooot! And can I get a "Whutwhut!" Lol!

Yay You! For the post and the BILLIONS of things you got done! I had to go apply deoderant after I read about all you did! And I even wondered for a minute if you would marry me... I need a wife like you! I mean - what kind of woman washeds cloths AND puts them way theses days? You, my dear are like a diamond!


We saw Despereaux yesterday - it was a great movie - a bit "sceeery" in parts for my 3 y.o., but nothing a lap couldn't comfort :) Plus it has a great message. Enjoy that movie and maybe a take a nap!